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Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing – Don’t Forget NiGHTS Campaign

13 November; Author: TRiPPY


Be here. 8PM (GMT)
Watch our live video broadcast. We have something very important to say.


To all the people who are confused, curious or supportive of this campaign- just be here and we'll change your mind.

Where is NiGHTS?


We're going to play a little game.

We don't forget NiGHTS.
Will you?

For those that remember, we emailed Sumo Digital a few months ago in regards to getting NiGHTS in ASR. This was met fairly well and Sumo Digital were real good about the whole situation. But we have to take this campaign into the second stage as we need to send a second wave of emails to SEGA themselves. Why? I will not take out an entire news post to explain it so PLEASE read this topic in our forum here –> http://www.nightsintodreams.com/forum//index.php?showtopic=3591
I have created a seperate forum for issue this since it needs to stay top priority.

This is important.

This could be the most important thing you've done as a NiGHTS fan so please show your support and help this campaign.

I won't say anything else here in this news post other than i need you all to trust me on this because i wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't needed.

Please, Don't Forget NiGHTS.

ALSO! Feel free to use these graphics in your forum signatures online to spread awareness of the situation.


THANKYOU to Dusk from Sonic Stadium for this Youtube video! Please watch it and comment (on the actual youtube site) to add your support.




A WAGER is on between SSMB member HunterTSF and DiGi and I. Hunter can't accept that NiGHTS could possibly not be in the main playable lineup. I mean NiGHTS is a main SEGA character. Right?
Well i hope you all like videos of socks on fire guys because Hunter is going to have to BURN his via video if we are correct :D
Ah~ i can smell the smoke already.

Place your bets now.


6 Responses to “Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing – Don’t Forget NiGHTS Campaign”

  1. xatolin says:

    go Nights!

  2. franklin says:

    i want to ''see'' nights, no is have to be i want nights will be a playable character in SAASR

  3. iLLViLLAiN says:

    This is what being a fan is all about.

  4. Sara says:

    Yes!!  I agree that NiGHTS should be in Sonic and SEGA Allstars Racing.  NiGHTS is a SEGA character after all, and was in SEGA Superstars Tennis.  The new game should have enough room for our purple flying hero!   And Reala can be included to :)  because siblings shouldn't be separated.  :D

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  6. OWLCiTiZEN says:

    I am so glad NiGHTS and Reala are going to be in Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed. The push has been effective, and, if kept up, could earn all this hard effort with a new game. That is my most fondest wish.

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