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26 September; Author: TRiPPY

(Official U.S NiD) In the world of Nightopia where our dreams are played out, an evil being is gaining tremendous power. He is Wizeman the Wicked, and through his creations the Nightmaren, he captures precious dream energy from humans. If he is not stopped, he will rise from the subconscious and enter our world. No power on earth will be able to stop him.


(Official JP NiD) The ruler of Nightmare-Wizeman, a Visitor deprived of any Ideya, had begun advancing to try and extinguish Nightopia! "If all Ideya are lost, Nightopia will disappear… And my Nightmare will rule over all!'
Wizeman was the first intelligent life in the Night Dimension and the creator of Nightmare.
He created Nightmarens by using his own power. His mysterious power scares Nightmarens. But NiGHTS refuses his order, so he confines NiGHTS in an Ideya palace.


(Official U.S JoD) Wizeman is an all-powerful being who seeks to rule the Night Dimension, but one thing stands in his way: Nightopia. After creating the dark world of Nightmare, Wizeman populated it with creatures derived from its own soul, known as Nightmarens. With the ability to create natural disasters and his wicked Nightmarens, Wizeman may just suceed in his quest to destroy Nightopia.





7 Responses to “Wizeman”

  1. chantee says:

    oh no! its eye hands!

  2. CJ says:

    I had NO idea Wizeman was a Visitor! That's pretty cool, actually. ^_^

  3. smashking says:

    Most underrated SEGA villain ever! 

  4. Sage says:

    I never really thought about it until recently, but the fact that Wizeman is described as a Visitor deprived of Ideya basically means he was once a human like us, but somehow he lost–or perhaps sacrificed–his Ideya and became the horror he is now. With all the discussions we've had about lucid dreaming and how powerful one can become in his/her own dream, that means Wizeman became the equivalent of a Sith Lord among Visitors. That's creepy as hell….

  5. SkyBlue says:

    Technically, Wizeman is the strongest villain in the whole of SEGA Villains.
    If you consider Bayonetta, Selvaria, Robotnik, Dan Li, Dark Falz, Neo Zeed, Death Adder and possibly even Ramirez at his most powerful all faced Wizeman in the real world to say they are the ultimate Villan/ness, they would have no chance at all! (Bayo was brought up on Dark Magic, after all)
    This is why NiGHTs is needed to keep him in the Nightmare world! Nights would probably lose its power in the real world, but the dreams are what makes NiGHTs probably the most powerful hero/ine of all time in the diemension of dreams!

  6. Darkness into Dreams says:

    You know, Wizeman looks like Black Doom from 'Shadow the Hedgehog'. Also, I noticed that NiGHTS blinks like Sonic.

  7. ChristmasNiGHTSintoMemes says:

    "Bayonetta wouldn't stand a chance"
    Have you even seen half the crazy stuff she does in the first game? She quite literally summons a demon that punches an evil god's soul out of her body, directly into the sun, and then completely destroys her body before it has a chance to crash into the earth.

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