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26 September; Author: TRiPPY

(Official U.S NiD) Reala is one of Wizeman's closest henchmen. Like NiGHTS, he is a tremendous flyer. However, he has a cruel and brutal personality and is NiGHTS' number one rival.


(Official JP NiD) One of two first level Maren that were created to be Wizemans right hand men. He has an absolute loyalty to Wizeman though he is a cruel and brutal character.
He has a flight ability almost equal to NiGHTS, and he can paraloop too.
Reala has many problems with NiGHTS because of their equal ability and opposing character. Therefore, they consider each other to be rivals. And, it was Reala's doing that NiGHTS was confined.


(Official U.S JoD) Reala is one of the First-Level Nightmarens created by Wizeman. Unlike NiGHTS — who is free, graceful and cheerful — Reala is obedient towards Wizeman the creator, as well as dirty, cruel and insidious. As a symbol of loyalty, Reala wears a Persona mask given to him by Wizeman. Reala acts as the leader of the whole Nightmaren force.





13 Responses to “Reala”

  1. Nights Fan says:

    lol I thought Reala was NIGHTS's Brother XD

  2. Kohaku says:

    Geez,reala is so awsome i have alot of pictures on my phone bout him,i thought that was his sister ._. Anyway,why is nights wearing girl colors if thats a boy??? Im not saying hes gay though pppft noo ._. And i wonder how reala got all that exercise instantly….lol

  3. kira says:

    oh reala always up to your scemes tut tut tut

  4. SlyFoxMaren says:

    i love Reala… ///_^=

  5. realaloves says:

    es tan tan dificil de creer que reala sea tan sexyyyyy:)

  6. segagirl234 says:

    Reala is so cool. i almost think he might be better then nights. almost.

  7. Midnight says:

    Reala is H.O.T!!! And mine!! Jk XD i have both versions of his(really 3) themesong ‘Nights & Reala(2 jod 1 nid) on my iphone!! If I get nightmares and he’s in it pfft, that wouldn’t be a nightmare but a dream come true!! :D *slaps self*

  8. realaloves says:

    yo creo que reala es tan sexy y tan lindo que me mata de amor cuando lo escucho al nombre

  9. Kid says:

    I think Reala is cool :D . Anyway, I was told by someone that Reala and NiGHTS are genderless O.O but I still like them :D :D :D :D

  10. Crazee says:

    Happy Reala Day!!!!! XD

  11. sonic says:

    Reala IS Nights brother! I said that not because im crazy but because there both created by that DAMN Wizeman!!!

  12. lassie says:

    Please tell me Reala is wearing tights. Or pants. O_o

    He's practically my favorite character though, besides NiGHTS. Just wish he might have had a little more depth to him.

  13. Grace says:

    Ehh ok Reala has some action in the game and I think that he has a sister/brother (or a friend) Nights.
    He fails too much because nights has a red jewel on his/her chest and dualizes with Helen and will and saving nightopia.
    soo he/she and Reala hates each other as a friend or a sibling.
    and Reala gets really mad at nights or something to him/her when Reala sees her.
    i could tell that Reala has fear in front of his master. I think I know why…..
    1. When nights defeated a nightmaren 
    2. A nightmaren tells wizeman what happened. (Well nightmares don't talk) 
    3. Wizeman destroys the nightmaren.
    4. Reala came back and kneeling to wizeman and Reala keeps looking down and rolls his eyes and looks up and tell him what happens with Helen or will or nights keep collecting ideya. 
    5.. Wizeman keeps yelling at him and Reala tilt his head down and says: "forgive me master wizeman!" 
    6. Wizeman warns him if he fails him again…. Reala's goodbye! 
    7. And Reala doesn't want to be destroyed.

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