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Happy 20th Anniversary “NiGHTS into Dreams…”!

5 July; Author: Dex la Cabra

It's the 5th of July so you know what that means! That's right, It's NiGHTS' Anniversary today, the 20th one no less. We've been celebrating over on Twitter here and so far people have shared some incredible artwork and other creative projects. We've also got a 5 page NiGHTS into Webcomics Anniversary Special up here with a follow up 3 pages next week. It's been great to see so much fan celebration through social media, even if SEGA themselves have done next to nothing. But then that's always been the way, hasn't it? ;) You wonderful fans have always been the ones to carry the torch for NiGHTS so take this chance to reminisce and reflect on how much you've all accomplished for NiGHTS over the years. How are you celebrating the occasion, it's not every day the NiGHTS franchise hits the big 2-0!

I've been retweeting stuff all day on Twitter, how do people do this on a daily!?


3 Responses to “Happy 20th Anniversary “NiGHTS into Dreams…”!”

  1. MC.Gemstone says:

    I'm so happy that's nights is still going since 1996!

  2. RetroPlayers says:

    20 years, it's hard to believe it's been such a long period of time since initial release. To celebrate I have been playing Nights on the Xbox One (360 backwards compatibility) and enjoying some of the additional modes and original levels.

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