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Reala First4Figures Statue Possibilty

20 April; Author: Dex la Cabra

So this was certainly a surprise to catch on Facebook this morning! Alex Davis is the owner of First4Figures, the company who recently released the NiGHTS statue we scrambled for. To see him posting this is VERY reassuring that a Reala statue is on the cards. I figured I'd ask you, the NiGHTS fans what pose you'd like best for Reala to be in. Is the pictured one okay or do you want something else? As far as the design is concerned however, I'm pretty sure they'll be going with the JoD appearance as well!

EDIT: we have a poll running on Twitter for the next two days here in regards to the pose of the statue, be sure to take part!

I'm going to be poor again, aren't I?

Dex la Cabra~!


3 Responses to “Reala First4Figures Statue Possibilty”

  1. If I actually had money, I'd be super stoked for this. I'm still excited, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it, if they decide to make it. T_T And if they're gonna make Reala, who else would they end up making? Honestly, I'd rather have a combo statue of Elliot and Claris/Will and Helen. Not sure how they could do a Jackle or Wizeman statue, because… um… floating hands… Guess we'll have to wait and see. Also an Owl statue. Cuz we clearly all need that.

  2. MC.Gemstone says:


  3. EDEN says:

    Thought you're dead.
    BTW, I got better copies of NiD videos from both Saturn and PC remake for your site if you like.

    Can't sign up for the forums so I had to put it here.

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