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Vote for a F4F NiGHTS statue

10 May; Author: TRiPPY

Hey guys, First 4 Figures (the model/toy) company are holding a poll where they want you to vote for your favorite SEGA All*star. And you know our favorite guy is up on that list, so go cast your vote and help NiGHTS out.

You can find the poll here: http://forum.first4figures.com/topic/1335-vote-for-your-favourite-sega-all-stars

You have to sign up to their forum but it only takes a minute.

Lets try get an actual NiGHTS statue after 16 years eh? I know you guys want one because you've all been actually asking for it.




2 Responses to “Vote for a F4F NiGHTS statue”

  1. Tim says:

    A NiGHTS statue would literally be a dream come true. Heck I would even take just a normal figure of him if that is what F4F decided to do seeing there is a lack of NiGHTS merchandise. But lets face it, we all want a statue.

  2. Master D says:

    Tis' done! nights and Lan Di are fighting for first.

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