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Fan Music – Browse by Album

25 November; Author: TRiPPY

The following community fan albums are complete projects. To hear additional tracks please visit the artist [INDEX].
To preview audio tracks press play on the individual players. To download the full album please click on the download ZiP links. All tracks © to their respective owners. Please do not upload onto other websites without artists permission.

Lucid Dreaming



One Response to “Fan Music – Browse by Album”

  1. Cosmic says:

    I wish Themes to Dreams came back. Those albums were awesome….
    Especially The Mad Mantle Night Club moments. Those were so funny! Plus that duet with Raspberry was beautiful. (Though I might have gotten their name wrong. I'm sorry…) I wish I could hear them again. I get that for some people it might not be their cup of tea. To me, the albums were cherished memories. If you are able to, could you please bring them back? That would be wonderful.

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