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JoD 3rd Level Nightmaren

2 September; Author: Dex la Cabra

*under construction*


4 Responses to “JoD 3rd Level Nightmaren”

  1. JackleIsActuallyTerrible says:

    AY YO DEX, WE GOTTA GET THIS UNDER CONSTRUCTION SORTED OU- oh, is "under construction" a reference to the name of the song in Elliot's third level? Clever/10, better than having this page finished.

  2. ayame400 says:

    here is a list of names for all the nightmarens and a link with their picture. I havent had the game for awhile now so my descriptions are largely second hand and may not be accuarate(site the source at the bottom)
    Baloogas are puffer fish-like Nightmaren that appear only in Aqua Garden.

    Beezes are bee-like Nightmaren that appear in Delight City and Memory Forest. They are spawned by Beez Pods.
    Beez pods are purple and yellow beehives that  continuously spawn Beezes
    Deworms are caterpillar-like Nightmarens who open holes in space which the come in and out of existance from. they appear in memory forest.
    Eelons are purple, eel-like Nightmarens that discharge electricity. They appear in Delight City and Memory Forest 
    Goodles are the grinning imp-like Nightmarens that usually ride colorful birds. Goodles also carry keys to NiGHTS' cage.
    Gullwings are seagull-like Nightmarens who appear in Aqua Garden.
    Mothpils are moth-like Nightmarens in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, that only appear in Memory Forest and Delight City. they shoot rings at nights if he gets too close
    Murtles are Turtle like Nightmarens that have mirrors on their backs and disguise them selves as things like treasure chests. they appear in the Crystal Castle
    Scaropions are scorpion-like Nightmarens that appear only in Lost Park.
    Seapos are seahorse-like Nightmaren that appear in Pure Valley and Aqua Garden. they will shoot bubbles at Nights
    Shleep are Nightmarens who have the heads of sheep or rams and yellow cottonlike wool. They don't do much besides float around and inflate to get in NiGHTS' way, they are the only nightmaren to appear in both games
    sources and pictures

  3. Anthro7 says:

    Actually, analyzing the names a tad more, and with a bit of context, it seems like they ought to be:
    seahorse + pony = Seapo
    bee + bijou = Beejou
    (Beejou Pod)
    scare + scorpion = Scarpion
    (Gullwing is fine. I suspect myuu is the onomatopoeia seagulls make when they cry, + wing)
    eel + ion = Eelon
    sheep + sleep = Shleep (but we already know that)
    moth + peal (of a bell) = Mothpeal
    balloon + beluga (whale) = Balooga
    mirror + turtle = Mirtle
    dimension (or disappear) + worm = Diworm (I have no explanation for the vowel swap from e to i. Sorry)

  4. Anthro7 says:

    Ack, it's also possible the capital U in "Myu-Ui" refers to cormorant fishing birds.

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