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A birthday announcement!

5 July; Author: TRiPPY

Hi guys, TRiPPY here.

Sorry you've not heard from us in a long time, life became incredibly busy after I went full-time artist mode. I've been working on awesome published comic books and getting things set up for the end of 2014 with my new Engelbaum Patreon campaign (Check it out if you ever enjoyed my dream/Gen related comic work!: http://www.patreon.com/trippy).
The years may come and go but I still love NiGHTS the same as ever. It's his 18th birthday today, wow can you believe that, 18 years… it honestly seems like just yesterday to me the first time I dreamed of him or played the actual game. So many great positive things have come of that day 18 years ago. And we're still all here!

Because of how busy my life is right now though I feel it's only right to hand the reins over to another admin so that everyone can enjoy the website again with updates and activity. I feel very guilty about not being able to work on this website since I worked so incredibly hard on it for many years. So rather than let it fade I'd like to give it a kick up the butt and get some stuff rolling again. Me and DiGi are going to take a back seat for now after we technically hit the heights of doing as much as we possibly could for NiGHTS and you guys. We lived the dream we built and now it's time for new dreams and new faces. It's been a lot of fun working with you guys over the years, causing trouble and getting NiGHTS back into the spotlight again. So much so that we don't even have to ask SEGA anymore. They know people care about NiGHTS now. Lots of us. And I knew that when I worked at SEGA myself, working on NiGHTS with DiGi, that all those coffeelicious 5am HTML blasts back in 1999 on a Dreamcast browser were worth it, lol. So thank you.

Lately it seems the NiGHTS community has migrated over to Tumblr, which is cool, but I still think this website is a great information point for new and old fans so it deserves to be preserved.

But It's with great happiness and pleasure that I tell you all today that from this point onwards (after all the server side stuff is sorted out for his accounts yadda yadda) that our new main admin of NiGHTSintoDreams.com is the wonderful Dex la Cabra. A long time NiGHTS fan and a good friend of ours with SO MUCH enthusiasm and care for what he does. He's friendly, sensible and just the right kind of guy this place needs to get things running again. So give him a warm welcome and prepare for cool things again :) I myself have tons of content, emails and work that have built up over 2 years that  myself need to submit to the site, so it's going to be Dex's job to give you guys the goodies, report on both SEGA and community news and keep an eye on everything in the ~ world of dreams.

If i could explain just how much this website has given me, both as a person, a fan, an ex employee and a dreamer I'd have to write a very long book. All I will say is that without this website and NiGHTS I wouldn't be where I am in life now, surrounded by great people, working my dream jobs and waking up every morning to see DiGi beside me. It's all been worth it. Every single thing.

So never let anyone tell you that dreams are worthless. NiGHTS is always there if you need him, no-matter who you are or how impossible things might seem.

Thank you to DiGi, to the fans, to my friends at SEGA Europe, Japan, America and China, Sonic Team, Naoto Ohshima and to our magical 18 year old purple guy.

Lynne Triplett & Niyazi Sonmez signing off ~



6 Responses to “A birthday announcement!”

  1. There's so many things I wanna say. First and foremost, thank you. Thank you to Lynne and Niyazi for all that you've done for NiGHTS, its community, SEGA, and dreamers everywhere. Thank you to NiGHTS for always being there for everyone and giving them hope to make their dreams come true. Thanks to Level 99 and everyone at OC Remix for making NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming and playing such a huge role in the NiGHTS into Dreams 15 campaign. Thanks to everyone who brought NiGHTS into a new generation for everyone to experience and relive the magic NiGHTS is all about. And thank you to everyone in the community for being so kind and talented and being a true representation that anything is possible. Thank you for accepting me and making me so happy here at this forum and in this community.
    A lot has happened for me here. I grew a lot, learned a lot, I realize I may have caused a bit of an annoyance for people in my earlier years, but with age comes knowledge and experience and I am incredibly grateful to all of you for accepting me, forgiving me, raising me, and teaching me. I'm so happy to be here with all of you and I'm incredibly grateful for all the bonds and friendships and interactions that were had here. 
    TRiPPY and DiGi, I'm going to miss you a lot. I'm very happy that I was able to talk to you two here at the forums, as well as on Twitter. From the talks I've had with TRiPPY about stuff I'd like to give to the forums, which I'd still like to do so and am constantly working on how it can be as good as possible, to the fact that you followed me on Twitter as soon as I made the account and would talk to me on there and on tumblr about anything, really. It all made me so happy and I thank you for all the time and happiness you've given me. DiGi, from our One Piece talks to the countless hours I've spent listening to your music, to seeing you interact with and watch channels that I was interested in was really amazing to see. It showed how all these different worlds, or sections of the Internet, were all connected in a way and it was just really neat learning about your interests and seeing how passionate you are about other people's work. Thanks for being so kind to me and everyone around you.
    Level 99, if you ever read this, thank you for being so kind to me at PAX East. I was representing Team Fu at PAX East 2013 during the OC Remix panel and while I was incredibly shy to talk with you afterwards, I deeply appreciate your kindness and acceptance and I'm so happy I got to meet you. And thank you for talking with me during the NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming party in the chatroom. It was such a fun time and I'll always appreciate the work you and everyone else put into that incredible album that I still listen to every day and night. Dex la Cabra, I wish you the absolute best in running this website. While NiGHTS isn't popping out new games every year, it's the community that keeps it alive. And here at the forum, the core, the heart of it all, this is where all the magic happens. It's been an incredible experience for me as a simple member, and I hope it's just as amazing, if not an even greater experience for you as the new admin. 
    I think that's about all I wanted to say. TRiPPY, you're the greatest artist I know, so keep on creating and never give up and keep inspiring people. DiGi, your talent with music and experience in so many different fields is incredible and admirable and I know you'll continue to do amazing things for a very long time. I hope I'll still be able to see you around when you're available, or at least on other sites like Twitter and tumblr. Thank you all so much for all that you've done and given to this wonderful community and revolutionary game series. It's much more than that. NiGHTS gives hope and looks after you. And we returned the favor by making our dreams a reality and keeping his spirit alive. I'll never forget NiGHTS and I'll never forget the two of you. Thank you so much for everything. I wish you the absolute best and hope you continue to have a wonderful life. :)

  2. Kat says:

    NiGHTS actually helped me through junior high school. It was a rough time time in my life, but I always had the game to look forward to <3. Even when supposed friends laughed at me for my love for it, it still stuck because it brought me so much joy.
    Also I lied to my parents to get the game in the first place XD. My brother wanted an N64 and that was what my parents were going to get first. I went with my mom to get it when she forgot and asked me what it was. I used this to my advantage fufufu. 
    Happy birthday NiGHTS! Thanks for the happy times, thanks for leading me to this fandom and thanks for making me feel old, geez Louise 18, I was 12 when I got this game for Christmas with my LIES XD. 
    And welcome new Admin! =D I can't wait to see what you do with the site!

  3. Dear DiGi and TRiPPY:
    I cannot express how thankful I am for this site and fandom. I came onto the NiGHTS scene late, not even knowing much about him except for the back page ad for JoD in an Archie comic, actually purchasing JoD on a whim in 2011 after seeing it on sale in the cheap bin at Walmart for $15. I was so excited to play the game once I got home, but, unfortunately, I had to wait an hour and a half to play it because my father, who'd driven me up to Walmart, had to go talk to a farmer about hunting on his land. Sitting in that truck, I read the manual for the first time. I was absolutely enthralled, to say the least! I am very much a romanticist, so the game instantly captured my heart after loading the disk and pushing start once I got home. I played nonstop until I'd beaten both stories for William and Helen over three weeks afterward. Then, I had the bright idea to look the game up online. Best idea ever! The forums, the OCRemix, the podcasts (which I still have on my iPhone), you, the mods; I found a loving and inventive community which had carefully crafted for itself a rock-steady reputation which won itself the huge HD Steam remake and a plethora of cameos. You've kept this game alive for so long, and it can stand on it's own two feet amidst SEGA's properties now thanks to your dedication and excellence.
    NiGHTS became a becon for myself and so many others of a better life. NiGHTS has helped me fight addiction and depression, and will continue to do so so long as I fight. They are my nightmares, and NiGHTS gave me the tools to fight them and say, "You may effect my life, but you'll never own me. I am not your puppet, because I have free will." 
    Thank you, for so much. You deserve the high esteem we all hold you in. Every time I tell my friends about NiGHTS, I tell them about you and your dedication to this idea, this art form. As you go on to bigger and better things, may God give you strength and rest, and may you never fear again.

  4. Light melody says:

    wow nights is as old as me..i'm glad i found this series when i did. 

  5. iLLViLLAiN says:

    The love you feel in this community is amazing. All involved in the surviving spirit of NiGHTS deserve a lot of respect. The torch has been passed from one admin to another but the commitment and dedication to everything NiGHTS will remain as it always has. That's the beautiful thing about our community.

  6. Dark Magician says:

    Unfortunately, I didn't see a thread that we could post well wishes to you guys, so I guess I'll have to do it here:
    Thank you for everything, TRiPPY and Digi! I hope things go well for you both and don't forget that NiGHTS will always be there for you! Don't be a stranger!

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