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An image of a familiar dream appears on SEGA’s Facebook …

3 July; Author: TRiPPY

The Ideal… The Confusion… The Growth… The Affection… The Possibility… The Consciousness…

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11 Responses to “An image of a familiar dream appears on SEGA’s Facebook …”

  1. Myzr says:

    NiGHTS' Birthday is in 2 days, so they're probably just teasing that HD Remake that they polled us on last year.

  2. Nami says:

    Stick Canyon!!!

  3. Ran Constantine says:

    If this is an  HD remake, please say it'll also be available on psn/ps3! Bought and sold instantly faster than you could blink <3 Long live NiGHTS!

  4. Coolmatt49 says:

    There are two things I foresee this pic relating to: 1.) The NiGHTS into Dreams… remake that will finally be brought over outside of Japan with the benefit of HD visuals or 2.) NiGHTS is finally going to be added to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed as both a playable character and have its' own stage.
    …3.) The Dreamcast 2 >_<

  5. Realaz5 says:

    I saw this and screamed. In a good way. :D

  6. tehexile says:

    I really hope it turns out to be a remake or at least a NiGHTs-themed level!

  7. Ra'shei says:

    Imagine NiGHTS with Skyrim graphics.

  8. Level 99 says:

    Hello, new desktop background.  And hello, renewed dreams of hope for an HD port/remake.

  9. EZEKiAL says:

    Ohohohohoman.  I am on the edge of my seat with excitement, here.  I'm hoping hoping HOPING that this is that HD remake they were talking about, because I don't plan on buying that new racing game.

  10. Thank you dreamers. For never giving up/

  11. I am at a loss of words. This is awesome that SEGA would even put this out. This can only mean one thing. And I'm glad of it!

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