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UPDATE: The forums reopen!

3 July; Author: TRiPPY

I've reopened the forums again. Welcome back guys!

EDiT: Let it be publicly known that Mr DexLaCabra is MAAAAD. MAD MAD MAD. But so very massively loved. He just paid for the entire forums to be upgraded so treat him like the royalty he is! *whipwhip*

Thank you so much ^_^ I'll do my best to get this all fixed!

*Ponders giving users on the forums who have largely helped the community special icons or something* There are quite a few of you lovely folk out there.


Just found out a new license will cost $149 for the forums. I'd pay for this myself but I don't get paid until later this month and I want the forums up and running properly for NiGHTS' anniversary on Tuesday. If we all chip in I can get us properly functioning fourms again, minus the spambots! All old topics and profiles will be moved over so we won't be losing anything.

If you'd like to help me out (and the community as a whole) then please send some moneygolds via Paypal to /// and mark it as being for the forum fund.

Any help massively appreciated.


2 Responses to “UPDATE: The forums reopen!”

  1. iLLViLLAiN says:

    Well bless his soul :) Thanks alot!

  2. thatNiGHTSfan says:

    that's definitely a relief,TRiPPY

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