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A chance for NiGHTS to be ported!

10 May; Author: TRiPPY

It's been a good few months since we've updated NiD15.com due to being so busy at work but the number of fans wanting a NiGHTS port has steadily been rising! Let's officialy kick this campaign back into gear. It's NiGHTS' 15th anniversary in a few months time and demand for Saturn titles is at an all time high after it was announced last week that the classic Saturn game 'Guardian Heroes' is being… PORTED. Yup you heard me right, SEGA is porting a Saturn game. This pretty much proves that nothing is impossible! So what's stopping us guys from having our favourite game being made available on modern consoles too? Afterall when it comes to being outspoken and having genuine passion for what we do, us NiGHTS fans are a force to be reckoned with. Lets make some noise and get our voices heard. We already managed to change the outcome of one SEGA game by having NiGHTS included as the flagman so we CAN get the Saturn game ported if we really make a show in numbers.

Reading through comments of support for the release of Guardian heroes and other Saturn titles I see constant requests for NiGHTS. But a lot of those people who want NiGHTS ported don't even know our campaign exists. It's your duty as a fan to make sure that word gets around and we get the support that we need to make this happen.

If this -did- happen and we got the original game ported imagine how many more new people would be introduced to NiGHTS into Dreams. The original game is remembered fondly for a reason. Don't let a great title go to waste. The PS2 port being Japan only was incredibly unfair, if more people had known the PS2 port even *existed* then the chances of it coming out over here would have been better. DO NOT LET what happened with the PS2 port happen again to a NiGHTS current console port. Help us before the chance dissapears. This is the best chance we've ever got, the timing of Guardian Heroes being ported has raised public awareness of the SEGA Saturn and we're very close to NiGHTS' 15th and Sonic's 20th. SEGA is having a rip-roaring year with great titles so make sure that this year is the year that NiGHTS returns. And heck, if you're sick and tired of us moaning/demanding/asking for NiGHTS stuff then this is the best chance you have to get us to shut up :p … (for a while)

We are close to 5000 votes now, which for a little campaign ran by two fans is pretty impressive, but we're going to need to see those numbers and the demand still coming in. Get us votes! You're a gamer, you know other gamers, tell your friends about the game and the campaign. Let people know this campaign exists and that we need their support if we're going to make this happen.

Trust me when I say this is a good year for SEGA and fans alike. Please let NiGHTS be a part of this. It's rare that big companies listen to fans but SEGA actually does care. So let's show SEGA we do too.

Here's the SEGA Announcement for Guardian Heroes:



4 Responses to “A chance for NiGHTS to be ported!”

  1. SailorSonic says:

    YES! This is great news! NiGHTS NEEDS TO PORTED TO THE WII!

  2. Shego13 says:

    Great news. Hopefully that NiGHTS into dreams will be ported to not only PS3 but also Xbox 360.

  3. Shade says:

    Nights needs 2 b on da modern consoles especially the ps3

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