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NiGHTS 3 – Takashi Iizuka interested.

26 August; Author: TRiPPY

It's been a very NiGHTSy news day today, kinda wish it was like this every Thursday afternoon. Anyhoo, thanks to an interview at GamesTM, the same magazine responsible for the recent NiGHTS cover news, it has been reported that Iizuka is very interested in making a NiGHTS 3.

“I would personally love to make a third NiGHTS game”, he told us before adding “but that decision will always be up to the management at SEGA.”

You can read more of the interview at GamesTM.

Journey of Dreams being a 'NiGHTS 2' story continuation of the Saturn classic, is debatable at the best of times. So what sort of direction would a possible third game take? Would it be another stand alone story or a continuation of either NiD or JoD? Will all this end up a bit Zelda? We pray not.

Regardless it's always nice to know that NiGHTS is loved by Sonic Team despite the ups and downs of the last title. On a personal wish/note of us two admins here, we would much prefer any sort of NiGHTS continuations to start with having the original Saturn game ported (one way or another)- so people can understand why NiGHTS is so loved in the first place. Do things in order methinks. Only then would it be wise to start churning out sequels or spinoffs. NiGHTS 3 could be incredible if the proper time, budget and care was granted. But like I say, order of priority.

Whatever your thoughts, rantings or musings, come waffle them in our [ forums ]


26 Responses to “NiGHTS 3 – Takashi Iizuka interested.”

  1. Sora says:

    No way!  They're gonna another Nights game?  That's teriffic!

    Whatever they decide to do I hope that Sonic Team won’t be rushed into it, I’d rather them take the proper time to make something wonderful and whimsical as NiGHTS has always been. Journey of Dreams was a good starting point and can only be improved upon with further future iterations. I firmly support the idea of having the original game ported to the current systems via download or whichever method possible in order to give people more of a formal background to better understand what captivated the public to begin with. I have a feeling that very idea may just come to fruition with enough demand, how do I have so much faith in that idea you may ask? Well many of the classic Dreamcast exclusive games are now making their respective rounds for downloads via console stores so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to have some classic games like NiGHTS be on this list. I know it’s not a solid thought as most of it depends on demand but my point is that it’s possible and can be accomplished.

  3. joanatrex says:

    Thats awesome!
    I hope Jackle is in it, he has enough fans to apear in another game *.*

  4. U.V.NIGHTS.IMAGNI. says:

    Cool. o.o

  5. Arceius says:

    Would love a new Nights game.
    In addition to a port of the the original, it would be awesome if they could stick to the concept of the original for the sequel. Sega seems to love riddling their games with mini games which detract from the core game.
    It would be great to see a new Nights game that a new generation can fall in love with.

  6. Realaz5 says:

    Funny. I was just thinking,  "gosh, maybe I should check the site today. Coulda announced a new game" XD Great to hear this, though! I'd like to see a new NiGHTS

  7. The Exile says:

    Well, I'd buy it. I might even buy a new console for it like I did with the Wii and JoD. Thank you for still considering my favourite game, Sega :) I hope you learn from your mistakes in JoD and that NiGHTs 3 is so popular that it builds even more support for the original NiGHTs port. 
    ps: the Wii was worth it, but please don't make me buy Nintendo consoles again :( they'll take me prisoner and turn me into POW candy.

  8. I'm not entirely sure if I'd like them making more NiGHTS games. NiGHTS into Dreams and Christmas NiGHTS were both fanominal games that touched the hearts of many. More than a decade later, they make the sequal, NiGHTS Journey of Dreams which is my favorite game of all time. It was beautiful how much love and emotion they put into it. But now that they're talking about a NiGHTS 3 so soon, I'm not really sure if I like where this is going. I'm afraid that they're gonna start making more and more after that, treating it like just another game series. This is not just a game, They don't just make a game like NiGHTS for nothing, it has meaning. And I'm afraid that NiGHTS will go down the same road Sonic is going through. It's like the Mother series, only 3 games, and Itoi says that he doesn't wanna make sequels because he thinks the story is just right as it is. The Mother series is filled with laughs, tears, and memories that will be with you forever. A stroy so beautifully made doesn't wanna turn into just another game series. And I'm afraid that the fan-made Mother 4 is gonna change all that. I think the same of NiGHTS. Would I like to see another NiGHTS game? Yes. Right now? No. Would I like it to turn into a huge series of games? Absolutly not. I think NiGHTS is perfect just the way it is. And I feel NiGHTS thinks the same way too.

  9. Ryan Frandsen says:

    A 3rd NiGHTS game would be great! Let's just hope it doesn't take 11 years this time, lol.

  10. NiGHTS!!!! says:

    C'MON MAKE ANOTHER SEGA MAKE ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE I BEG OF U!!!

  11. Seamus says:

    A lot of kids need a safe game like this, my sister loves this game so much she actually has dreams about NiGHTS, she claims that her dreams world are, Sunny beach, Heart palace and Earthy Circus She really has never had more fun before and i personally love to see children like this, so I really would appreciate another NiGHTS game, for all kids who need to dream.

  12. Yoshfiction says:

    I know im responding kinda late to all this but I never felt like putting up a reaction.
    I got an idea on how to atract ALL fans of Nights there are. I havent got Nights into dreams but I woukd kove to play it and I do know the basic gameplay and story. They could have a nice mainhub to explorer like in Journey of Dreams, but now with a lot more secrets and extras. And I know loads of people hate Octopaw, but they could have a hidden jar in the dream gate, and when you walk up to it octopaw flies out of it, and you can select a few missions that are like the octopaw misions in JOD. For the regular missions they could use a simple missionselection, the 1st mission to be the original gameplay of Nights, the 2nd the one from JOD and the 3d could be something new. and as a 4th mission they could make like one of these missions when you walk with the kids. But with the moveset from NID. What do ya guys think of that?

  13. Katalio says:

    Personally, I think NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams was garbage. I'm sorry, but I have nothing but fond memories of the first NiD and remember playing it over and over again. Still to this day I own my Saturn and copy of the game. It is what I and many others feel the embodiment of childhood innocence and wonder, and represents the magic, unadulterated joy and magical allure of dreams. It was (and still is) a big part of my life and I hold it dear to my heart. If and when a NiGHTS 3 is made, it needs to go back to the grassroots of the original, with updated graphics and more content (PS3 release, por favor?) and not be a commercialized sell-out sequel that screws over the fans. Jus' sayin'. :D

  14. If they stop at a NiGHTS 3, I'll be happy with it. I loved Journey of Dreams and Into Dreams and Christmas. But I wouldn't want to see it go Megaman on us. But one thing's for sure, we gotta see Jackle back, and we gotta see Selph before it's over.

  15. Sonurtoichi says:

    Funny thing is Nights into Dreams HD is out and now I know what the fuss was all about! XD
    Now lets cross our fingers for a Nights 3! 

  16. Visitor Mia says:

    I really want a 3rd NiGHTS game please because I once had a dream about it.

  17. Alex says:

    Please make one sega and make into dreams on the 3ds btw in the 3rd game what re the names of the kids? 

  18. Lilliam says:

    I really hope they make Nights 3!!!! It would be cool to learn more about Nightopia, Nights and Reala.

  19. Stanley says:

    It would be very lovely to make a NiGHTS 3 game! I really can't wait for new worlds to explore, new Visitors, new enemies, and more updates about it. I also hope there's exciting dialogue from NiGHTS, Reala, etc. :)

  20. Devin says:

    I know I'm doing this way too late but I have always been interested in NiGHTS and would love to play the game, it's just until now I'd never known who NiGHTS was, I'd always seen her/him in Sonic battle 2, but never knew her/his name. Now that I do, I'm dying to play even one of the NiGHTS games, and a little heads up that your sister isn't the only one having dreams Seamus, I've had many dreams of NiGHTS in the past week or so, and have talked to NiGHTS. She/he told me that Sonic and the rest are real along with him/her, and that the only reason we can't see them in OUR reality is because they're too far beyond our reach. I hope you believe me, and I hope your sister continues to have dreams of NiGHTS. Hopefully I'll get to play a NiGHTS game soon. Please believe me, and good night.

  21. Nela says:

    Dear Sega,
    When will you make a nights 3 game soon? It's been many years and I want another nights game right now. Plus, if you made another one, it could help teach people to be kind and nice when they play this game!!!

  22. Mari says:

    Sega, I want another game too! It has been years since the second game's release, this series is amazing and I don't want to see such a beloved game's potential go to waste- make it HAPPEN!! Let this generation's next gamers have a go at it!

  23. Nela says:

    Dear Sega,
    Have you told your managers about making a new Nights game soon? It's been many years since the game's release in 2007 or 2008. So please do make one and I'm begging you because people would die if there's no new Nights game to play anymore. Think about the children and about how once they play the new Nights game, they would learn to be polite, kind, and listen to their own parents.

  24. Nela says:

    Listen, the new updates for this website is very nice! But We really want a new Nights game soon because we want to relive the same good feeling whenever we played games. So please make a sequel to this game, please SEGA!

  25. Irasakai says:

    Still waiting on that 3rd Nights game sega. Atleast the original got a release for xbox 360 and also xbox 1. I played the shit out of it. This series means quite alot to me as well as alot to others. Fan fics were wrote, custom charcters designed, role plays carried out. Anything we could do when we were younger to relive the fantastic world of dreams. Im glad to see a site like this and im glad sega is somewhat aware of the love for the series. Ill be checking back for sure. Have a good day all, keep the love going and never give up!

  26. OctoInk20 says:

    A 3rd NiGHTS game would definitely be awesome on the Nintendo Switch.

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