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Don’t Forget

5 March; Author: TRiPPY



9 Responses to “Don’t Forget”

  1. Universa says:

    This was wonderful!A commercial that should show all of those out there, not only in Sweden how a hero can never be forgotten.NiGHTS should always be there in our lives, in the past, present and future.That ovation was remarkable, beautifully made. It mooved me from inside and hopefully mooved everyone else who just watches this as the moment they enter in here. :)

  2. paul wade says:

    ok you have scared the crap out of me trippy

  3. StarsOfCASSiOPEiA says:

    Oh my gosh. That was really cool. XD I didn't expect the sudden appearance of our beloved friend NiGHTS there in the middle, lol! Such a great concpet and it really shows how NiGHTS inspired us all. :)

  4. Kai says:

    The beginning freaked me out, but once I saw NiGHTS I just wanted to laugh. Love the seriousness, though. Totally gave an opposite effect to how the games seem.

  5. EJBSPEED says:

    I'm going to say from now on that NiGHTS is Swedish.
    And yes, this is oddly inspiring.

  6. Razer says:

    I Won't…
    I'm sure we all won't.

    This gave me an extremely big grin on my face once I saw our Flying Purple Swedish Hero,

  7. Sara says:

    I was clapping as the people in the video were clapping and cheering on for NiGHTS!  Wow, that video is so great.  Purple Power Forever!!

  8. Andre Nesman says:

    Incrível, perfeito, explêndido…. Jamais poderemos nos esquecer de Nights. Parabéns pelo maravilhoso vídeo. Nights extremamente eterno!!!! :)
    Incredible, perfect, splendid …. We can never forget Nights. Congratulations for the wonderful video. Nights extremely eternal!! :)

  9. Kayelan says:

    Happy Reala Day! =D

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