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DLC Support Art Winners!

2 March; Author: TRiPPY

First off i just want to say thank you so MUCH to those of you who sent in an email! :) We had a grand total of 382 fans send in emails supporting NiGHTS DLC for Sonic and SEGA Allstars Racing. That's quite a lot when you consider that's people not emails. So again, thank you :)

Now onto the art draw! I had an hour long powercut just a moment ago (again with timing), so as soon as the electricity came back on I got straight onto http://www.randomizer.org to do my random number chosing stuff.

As you guys know I've already completed the first picture but I'm hard at work on the other two bits of art still. Don't worry I'll add them to this post (And my DA page) as they are completed this week. Winners will recieve the real lineart on paper plus a signed print of the color versions.


Now onto the draw! Revealed after the break. Hit read more to see if you were one of the lucky winners.


NiGHTS art 'Things that go Bump' – email number 377 – Alison Mirabella

Reala art 'Toxic Dream' – email number 48 - Rebecca Curro

Wizeman art 'Hunter' – email number 106 Mary Vadnais


And since I'm feeling extra generous a 4th piece of bonus art since we were so close to 400 anyway!

NiGHTS art – email number 212 – Ty Carroll


Well done! I'll be sending you all an email in the morning regarding your prizes.

Remember #DontForgetNiGHTS!


3 Responses to “DLC Support Art Winners!”

  1. Kamui says:

    Sweet, my friend Rebecca won~! I'm so glad I pushed her to do this! Woo~!

  2. TRiPPY says:

    So your brainwashing is paying off eh? XD

  3. sariachan says:

    Congratulations to the winners!  ^^

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