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What you’ve all been wanting to know… the release dates!

17 September; Author: TRiPPY

Announced today ~ NiGHTS into dreams… will be hitting PlayStation Network on the 2nd of October for $9.99 and Xbox LIVE Arcade on October the 5th for 800 Microsoft Points. An incredibly worthwhile purchase considering that the rare and amazing Christmas NiGHTS also comes included as a free bonus! That's right, it's not DLC, it's free. How great is that? NiGHTS as a stand-alone game had tons of replay value but Christmas NiGHTS was always the icing on the cake. I know a lot of fans who have never had the chance to play Christmas NiGHTS on the Saturn due to the difficulty in finding a copy as it was never for sale as a buyable game. Christmas NiGHTS was an extra disk that Sonic Team decided to give out for free as a Christmas gift. Consider it a DLC expansion pack before DLC ever existed on consoles, lol. Gamers could only get a copy by buying certain Saturn bundle packs or free from a couple of gaming magazines (or Ebay of course). So this is a great chance for new fans to experience a little festive spirit.

Christmas NiGHTS looks amazing in HD updated graphics. If you don't believe me wait until you're whizzing around the screen with a ton of crystal clear HD multicolored sparkles in your eyes chasing high scores to beautiful beautiful music (trying your hardest to not kill all your Mepians haha). There's a reason a lot of us still hook up our Saturns every Christmas to play this game. I'm so glad that a new generation will get to experience this lovely gift. It meant a lot to Sonic Team back then and it still does now.

It made me pretty tearful when i got to play it in the office for the first time… lots of fond memories of many Christmas holidays gone by.

Do me a big favour and buy this port when it comes out. In fact buy it as a Xmas gift for a gaming friend! They'll appreciate it, trust me. Christmas NiGHTS is a classic and memorable beautiful experience.
Not long to wait now guys. It'll soon be time to fly again :)

To read the full SEGA blog on the release dates and info please [ CLiCK HERE ]


12 Responses to “What you’ve all been wanting to know… the release dates!”

  1. NiGHTS4life says:

    What about the PC download?

  2. crazyinabottle says:

    Wait, what about Steam?  It's still coming for PC, right?  If not I know a lot of people who are going to be angry, myself included.  Looks like a lot of the comments on the SEGA blog are asking about them as well.

  3. gahram says:

    you have officially made the remaining days of this month be OMEGA long…and the first 4 of October….At least I know that I need 1600 points by Oct5. I'm getting sonic ADV 2 too. <twitches with Excitement! XD> There will be a MAJOR Bandwidth drain on MS servers that day!

  4. Deax2er says:

    Wow!! That's great! I've been waiting for this news for s-o-o-o-o long, and I get it on today, my birthday, of all days!  Wonderful! I hope I'm alive for the October 2nd release date. :D

  5. C. W. Weeks says:

    I seem to recall Christmas NiGHTS being 'time sensitive' – That is, one non-holidays its played as a regular demo. However, if I remember correctly, one of the levels was a kind of mirrored version of Spring Valley. Any idea if the time element will be preserved or is it like Disney World where everyday is Mickey's birthday?

  6. Mark says:

    I'm just wondering if that's the UK release date, or just the US one. Doesn't our XBLA store usually update on Wednesdays?

  7. Kronicz says:

    I know what I'm getting for my birthday! 

  8. Realaz5 says:

    But…. but…. my Steam library is so lonely! When does it come out for PC? And are we getting all that extra stuff, like how on April 1st, NiGHTS and Reala do a body swap, or how on Halloween (at least in the PS2 remake) NiGHTS, Elliot, and Claris all got costumes?

    So much still left unanswered. >.<

  9. All the effort, all the dreams. It's all coming together! I love it!

  10. Tiago says:

    Can someone tell me if this is also on PSN Europe on the same week?

  11. Marc says:

    Already beat the first level! I'm so excited for Christmas Nights <3

  12. Mekem says:

    Hehe,I can't wait for the steam release! In the meantime, I'd be really awesome to see a new Dreamcast Podcast for this momentous occasion.

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