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Question time at Summer of Sonic

23 July; Author: TRiPPY

NiGHTS fans! We have personal interview time at SoS with both Iizuka san and Hoshino san next week *happy dance* If you have any questions that you'd like to ask then list them below and the best ones will be picked. They can be either NiD or JoD related, infact it would be nice to have a lot of JoD questions this year since we've focused a lot on NiD in the past interviews.

Questions must be respectful, sensible and not massively long/obscure.

Comment to have your questions considered! The resulting interviews will be recorded and uploaded for your listening pleasure.


14 Responses to “Question time at Summer of Sonic”

  1. Donee says:

    obvious question from most NiGHTS fans, but will we see anything from this character in the near future?? or will it be staying as cameo appearence type of charracter

  2. Jack says:

    Congratulations on the opportunity. I have two questions, which are hopefully not too unusual.
    Was the concept of Journey of Dreams clear from the beginning, to be a very similar game to the original, or were other ideas considered early in development?
    Was there a particular inspiration for Wizeman's appearance and character?

  3. anonymous says:

    Why did SEGA release JoD exclusively only on Nintendo Wii? You know, Wii has region code (I live in South Korea, so I couldn't play JoD in my contury. I had no choice but to buy North American model.) and doesn't have good graphics, specs like XBOX 360 or PS3. I wonder if SEGA can release JoD in PC.

  4. DAViD says:

    Ask them if they will do a third game and more merch please

  5. RedTail says:

    JoD questions, huh? Well, here's a few for Mr. Iizuka!
    The NiGHTS franchise sat dormant for more than a decade before Sega decided to go forward with Journey of Dreams. Who came up with the idea to resurrect it and why?
    What were some of the biggest challenges you faced in making a brand new NiGHTS game?
    Planned characters, levels, and other features often get cut from games for one reason or another. Was there anything of particular note that didn't make it into the final version of JoD?
    Like any console, the Nintendo Wii has it strengths and weaknesses. How did these influence the game's development?
    Looking back now, what aspects of the game are you most proud? What, if anything, would you have done differently?
    In past interviews, you've mentioned that you would like to revisit NiGHTS someday. Do you think Sega shares in those sentiments?

  6. Please ask them whether there will be another game (an obvious question), and if it will be console or iOS. iOS would be interesting because of the touchscreen and gyroscope manuverability. And I guess I second Jack's question about Wizeman.
    ~Neon Salamander

  7. Ouranos says:

    Ask them about Sparkle Attic plz 

  8. Sean says:

           When playing the My Dream section of Nights: Journey of Dreams for the Nintendo Wii, I noticed that some of the Nightopians were playing with a white Sega Saturn and a Nintendo Wii. Both controllers where wireless which makes sense for a Wii remote, but not so much for a Sega Saturn 3D controller. Was the Sega Saturn 3D controller originally planned to have a wireless adapter to plug in the area where the cord could be removed? My second question is What was the inspiration for including all of the holiday related events in the My Dream mode in that many more holidays were represented than in Christmas NiGHTS? (Especially, the New year's Eve event which occurs at the very 1st second of each year.)  

  9. Hanging Waters says:

    1. Looking back at JoD, is there anything that you feel didn't get enough attention, or anything that you feel just wasn't done justice?
    2. What was the reason or inspiration for NiGHTS's costume change in JoD?
    3. *Typical "WILLTHEREBEANEWNIGHTS" question*
    4. Who is that playing the awesome sax solo in "The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream"???
    I'll probably post more if I think of any :P

  10. Erika says:

    (I ask this because of the extra dialogue lines found on the JoD disc by hacker NiGHTS fans) Was Journey of Dreams originally meant to be a prequel to NiGHTS into Dreams?
    Will they ever port or re-make Journey of Dreams?

  11. Andre Nesman says:

    Why online mode 2P Versus received only 3 stages?
    Why NiGHTS Journey of Dreams was not released for other consoles?
    lizuka ever imagined NiGHTS being controlled by Kinect? It would be nice to see NiGHTS Journey of Dreams also on Xbox 360 and PS3 in HD.
    We'll need to wait another 11 years to win another NiGHTS game?

  12. ¿? says:

    Did you cut any content from JoD when you ported it from Xbox 360 and PS3 to the Wii?
    Why didn't Elliot's voice actor came back to sing Dreams Dreams: Sweet Snow?

  13. Kat says:

    would they consider doing a tv series for Nights?
    (or another game?)

  14. Felix says:

    Is there any plans on porting NiGHTS Journey of Dreams to other consoles and PC?

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