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It’s NiGHTS’ 15th and SEGA aint forgetting NiGHTS

5 July; Author: TRiPPY

Taken from the original SEGA Facebook message:

"To our wonderful NiGHTS fans – we haven't forgotten that today is the 15th anniversary of NiGHTS, so happy 15th anniversary to NiGHTS and huge thank you! to everyone for supporting the character and game for all these years! How would you feel about seeing the original "NiGHTS into dreams…" being re-released? Also, if you think this is a good idea… which platform do you think NiGHTS should be released in? We'd love to hear your thoughts!"


Like I said. Nothing is impossible. SEGA themselves are now asking. And look at those numbers *lol* we hit over 6000 port votes today and Facebook is currently going crazy over NiGHTS.

Today is a good day to be a fan…

Get to it people : FACEBOOK. GO THERE. NOW


Happy birthday NiGHTS.


12 Responses to “It’s NiGHTS’ 15th and SEGA aint forgetting NiGHTS”

  1. illvillain says:

    The optimism has increased tenfold!!!

  2. RubyEclipse says:

    Happy Birthday, NiGHTS. : )

  3. ETHAN RICE says:

    Cool.  I say the WII & 3DS plus the KINECT for thoses who actually want it like that.

  4. Tom says:

    The original NiGHTS being re-released? They've already done it on the PS2, but I wouldn't say no to an even fancier version.

  5. JAZZ-Man says:

    I wouldn't mind if the game can be re-released on the PC via Steam.  And the Wii of course but not on VC.

  6. Person says:

    I would say they should port it to the Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii.

  7. AfrcanPygmyHedgehogFan says:

    Xbox, Wii and 3DS.

  8. MANNi STiTT says:

    I think that NiGHTS should be ported on the Wii and 3DS to purchase normally and the X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 as a downloadable game.  It would be the Japanese PS2 port, but with other new features to go with it.  Also, you could buy the 3DS version bundled with Sonic Generations comming out this November.

  9. ThatNiGHTSfan says:

    Can't wait until they make a 3rd NiGHTS game. Better yet. A MOVIE

  10. Alex says:

    This game should definitely be rereleased. I'm willing to fund it!

  11. thatNiGHTSfan says:

    Happy B'day NiGHTS we'll celebrate your birthday ASAP. tell me when and i'll invite all of NiGHTSintodreams.com to your place. Happy B'day

  12. AngeltheFox14 says:

    i would love it to be on the wii or the ds…well even though they say it wont be used anymore…or the PS3…i would love that…that would make my day…

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