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NiD Beta and Debug Mode Livestream

06 September 2013 - 08:50 PM



FYi Malan is doing a very cool Livestream of the original Saturn game using debug on Thursday. It will be your chance to ask questions and get a close look at what it can do. He will also be showing off one of the old betas.


Use this topic to discuss :) ~ and thanks to Malan!

Internet friends Vs Local friends

24 August 2013 - 03:00 PM

Crossposting from my FB since I'd like varied input on this:
I'm in the middle of invoicing clients and stuff right now but I've had something in my head since yesterday that stuck with me and thought I'd throw you guys the same question that got asked to me yesterday because I thought my answer was pretty on point. It's about internet use and online friends.
I was asked yesterday by a non online type person why I spend so much time talking to people I can't see face to face (Which i always dislike hugely the implied tone that people on the internet are somehow invisible men and not real people). I was asked why if I also have 'real' friends who i can spend time with offline, like workmates doesn't it feel like more fun or whatever. Was I scared of talking to people or was I antisocial. And i gave the most honest response I could. I'd never actually had to think about this as an adult because i feel quite happy with myself now (and it put me in a bit of a miffed mood to be honest).
The reason I spend so much time online and did growing up is because offline i had very very few close friends I felt glad to have that I shared things in common with. At SEGA i was VERY happy because we all shared lots of things in common like our love for gaming and PC's and stuff I cared about. People 'got' me there and that's why i loved it so much and why i was so close to my friends there. I spend my time with people I feel i can connect with, who I can talk to things I know how to talk about. Otherwise I don't have much to say and feel incredibly awkward like I'm wasting both my and their time. I mean I make an effort to be friendly when i have to. I'm actually a very chatty person and I'd like to think a bit funny sometimes. I'm very warm.

But yeah, the reason i didn't go play around on the streets all day as a kid was because it wasn't what made me happy. To me happiness and enjoyment is drawing and being surrounded by people I can relate to. Simple as. I find it boring and annoying and a waste of time when i could be doing productive stuff. I could relate to very few people when i was a kid. Thesedays I have every type of friend I need to function as a person, the whole scope, both offline and online. The people I get on with will tell you I'm a nice person and the people I don't will tell you I'm some kinda confusing shy person or some sh!t *lol*. I aint shy. I just think a lot before i speak. And i wont waste too much time exhausting myself with talking about things i know nothing about. I get vives of people that make it very obvious if i can connect to them as a friend or not. I know a LOT of different types of people.

So, if you see someone online all day and not in a pub (hey i love pubs!) getting ratfaced every night it doesn't mean they're in a room by themselves hating life and all emo and shizz. It means they're very absorbed in what they love doing with people they love interacting with. I love my life! I have a great boyfriend, a wonderful ability and amazing friends. I do what I love and have achieved TONS of my dreams and goals. Some days I like offline friends, some days I like online friends. At the end of the day though i still care about them all.

I'm a very very busy person with a pretty hardcore work ethic. I get anxious if I'm not working on something i know i have to do. So just let me enjoy what i do and I'll let you enjoy what you enjoy. Everyone likes different things, so don't make them feel bad because of it. Nothing wrong with me, I'm a total bosssssss XD derpy but yeah. And i want to hang out with my friends and get drinks in soon.

So, why do you spend time online and do you value offline/online friends/activities the same?

tldr version; talking to boring people who don't care about talking to me about my boring things bores me. I'm spoilt by amazing friends and if i get any more friends im going to OD on friends knthnx. Not a hermit. Very busy and already happy.

Staff required!

24 August 2013 - 12:05 AM

As i mentioned a while ago we'll be needing staff to help out with the forums and upkeep of the website itself.


For the  .com this means-

Regular article updates

Regular content uploads

Up to date sections and menu sorting



^All of those things are good for the fandom. I'm at the point in my career now where I'm so busy I really realy need help with the website. I want it to be a great place for the fans.


If you're interested in helping out in some way or think you have the responsibility and maturity to be part of our little team then let me know below and I can contact you further about it.


PS) Since I'm not sure how much work needs to be done I can't promise everyone a job, but I'll pick the best folk for the job who I think suit the roles :)

Regarding locked and archived topics

23 August 2013 - 11:54 PM

If you REALLY REALLY want an old topic brought back from the dead, then let us know in this thread here and it'll be considered.

Welcome back!

23 August 2013 - 10:37 PM

*random hugs for you all*


how've you all been and stuff? Been up to anything exciting? I don't follow everyone on Facebook or Tumblr so I like to catch up :)


I'm glad the forums are open again. I mostly live on Facebook and Twitter these days and am pretty much chained to my art desk for work (I'm self employed now @~@) but I'll try be around more here. I want to be a fan again and ENJOY things without having to watch my P's and Q's too much lol.


This month is so busy for me with work I'm surprised my head hasn't fallen off yet. But yup, i'm still here. And still happy to see any fans visit the website ^^/