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Member Since 19 Dec 2007
Offline Last Active Jun 18 2008 11:08 PM

EB-G's scraps n doodles

19 March 2008 - 02:18 AM

Tons of other stuff :B

NiGHTS Systemnet/NiGHTS Universe
UV and Reala -rough ink-

NiGHTS and UV -rough ink-

New Puffy and Claris, and The Great Mother (deleted character of NiGHTS:JoD) plus her loyal servant

NiGHTS wants to lurve [quickie]

Female NiGHTSxReala (one of the worst pics because Reala looks less hot :))

Seiya712's Vermillion Maren

Selph/Amber JoD style

NiGHTS randomness
NiGHTS quickies 1


NiGHTS & Reala sketches

What do you think of Reala? Both NiD and JoD

18 March 2008 - 01:38 AM

Random Poll.
I prefer him..Smexy! :3
Though he does amuse me at some point. :\

Somethin funny about NiGHTS:JoD

18 March 2008 - 01:16 AM

"If NiGHTS wasn't a kid-friendly game",stupidness etc.

-Reala: I'll make sure you're in no shape to get in my way ever again! (What the--)

-Reala: Now, how exactly should I go about getting what I want? Hmm? (O..K o_o)

-Why is NiGHTS addicted to Octopaws?! >_>

-In Will's ending, he and his team won the soccer tournament. If you look at the kid who's behind Will, you'll notice he's humping him. (I laughed so hard on that one)

-Lots of "touching" scenes ._.

-Did Reala changed his tone of voice in some of the Chase mission intros like he almost sounded high in Lost Park?

-As you play as Helen, if you idle for a bit, she'll make a laid-back(?) pose then slap her skirt which looks like she's slapping her butt (its even funny if you let NiGHTS stare at her)

EB-G introduces to you NiGHTS fans *bows*

12 January 2008 - 02:08 PM

I'm EB-G or you can call me Sarai (my OC name)

I'm really nice to people who talks to me but I don't take kindly to rude people.

I like drawing and playing video games and maybe an internet addict :wub:'
I draw anime making my own characters and some fan-made which I will submit my old dawings @ deviantart.
I also like to make giftarts for my friends when necessary.
For games, I usually like to play Nintendo only games like Super Mario, LoZ, Metroid, etc. and right now NiGHTS, (I don't collect Sonic games that has NiGHTS in it however)
My favorite characters from Nintendo are: Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, Noxus, Rundas, and Falco
My favorite NiGHTS casts are: NiGHTS, Reala, and Helen (she's my new fav. visitor because she's fun to sketch and to control as her)

I dislike: snobby people, art theives, homework (in general), and some that most of you guys hate.

How did I like NiGHTS, I started to get a little interested since the 2nd trailer then browsing deviantart viewing NiGHTS drawings including Reala. As I keep viewing, I see a nightmaren with a blonde hair and horns, you guessed it - UV NiGHTS! He's the reason why I like NiGHTS. If it weren't for TRiPPY and DiGi, I would'nt know NiGHTS a lot.

So thanks for reading my introduction and I hope I'll enjoy here. Over and out.
~Sweet Dreams~