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03 February 2008 - 02:05 AM

I used to think of doing something like this. One suggestion and one congratulation.

First, the suggestion- The directional controls are great, but it would be a good idea to create two different 'objects' or animation sets, so that when NiGHTS is going in one direction for a few seconds, he flips over to be oriented correctly, just like in the original. A stopped animation that brings him to an upright position would be good, too.

Now, one thing in this whole system that surprised me was that you somehow got the paraloop to work and effect the objects inside of it. I've tried making a system like that forever and never got my head around it, despite the fact that I'm a serious game developer.

Fill me in on how you did that part. XD If you would.

P.S. Good controls- very nice how you only have to use the mouse. Can't wait to see some levels.

Thanks for the comments and suggestion. It is something that I am working on but can get it to work...

The paraloop sytem is indeed a comlplicated task. I found the solution to it after many many frustrating failed attempts. Given that you are a serious game developer, the solution will make you say "why didnt I think of that before?". Im going to try to explain the mechanics to the best of my abilities, as it is a pretty complicated explanation. Here goes: Nights is always followed by four invisible lines. Imagine a clock with Nights is in the middle of it. Now, there are four lines around him at :00, :15, ;30 and :45. Each line has a variable which indicates if it has touched an object or not with 1 being yes 0 being no. There is also a variable that keeps track of what line touched an object first and another variable that keeps track of the current line touching an object (if the first line that touched an object is equal to the current line, then Nights has gone completely around said object). When a line touches an object, its variable is set to 1 indicating that it has touched the object, the firstline variable is set to the line that touched the object first, and the currentline is set to the line that currently touched the object. Also, as each line touches the object, a timer is set and if it runs out before another line touches the object, all the variables are reset to 0 and firstline and lastline are reset as well. To find out if Nights paralooped around an object, an expression tests if each line's variable equals 1 AND currentline=firstline... if this is all true then the object is programmed to move towards nights. I hope the lenghty explanation helps!


29 January 2008 - 09:25 PM

So do you guys like the game? Is there anything that I should add or change?


30 August 2007 - 07:39 AM

The wiimote pointer control scheme is very similar to my homebrew game which I unveiled before the control scheme was revealed... hmmm sega spies :lol:

Check out my game (its not finished yet, its basically the first level)


In Topic: UPDATED 7-6-2007 NiGHTS into Dreams 1.5 Fangame FIRST LEVEL FINISHED! MUS...

18 August 2007 - 11:10 PM

My opinion of the game is that its great for a fan game.
One thing I can say it when you get use to the controls it becomes fairly easy and there appears to be a lot of open space that could be used up still. But other than those few minor things the game was great.

I am planning on putting more stuff in, remember this is the first level so it should be fairly easy because the difficulty will increase as the game progresses. Any suggestions???

In Topic: UPDATED 7-6-2007 NiGHTS into Dreams 1.5 Fangame FIRST LEVEL FINISHED! MUS...

16 August 2007 - 10:52 PM

Heres a new link guys ENJOY