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In Topic: Scary Nightmaren?

16 March 2008 - 12:05 PM

I've never been especially scared of them, but Donbalon is a little creepy, and Jackle's laugh makes me go 'O____O KWQJHNsmdnc HELP' XD;;

In Topic: Our Auchinawa 06 video

16 March 2008 - 12:02 PM

Wooo! >D I was hoping that'd get done at some point~ I await eagerly.

In Topic: Journey of Dreams...

08 March 2008 - 03:28 PM

Oh dear god I was asking that question assuming they got the physics engine right. D: They really should've scrapped Bomamba's level and replaced it with something else if they weren't going to put the time needed into getting the physics correct; the game that's based off is hard enough to play in real life as it is without physics going nuts on you. That has got to be the absolutely most frustrating thing I have ever heard of; I would personally have been pulling my hair out if I were trying to play it, and probably still will despite the fact I know to expect the jumpy kitties. *shakes a fist at SEGA in frustration*

It will kill you. Seriously, it doesn't even let you pull towards you, it isn't even a fun kind of brain-killing hard, the music isn't even that amazing...

You know what, screw my other suggestions, I just want that boss GONE. XD;;

In Topic: AYRiES' NiGHTS art, graphics etc. Now with added fanfic.

08 March 2008 - 03:26 PM

I needed something to replace the old and now battered NiGHTS things I shoved on my wall.

Posted Image

Also, next part of the 50 sentences thing~

45. Face
A smirk, a sneer, black lips curling and twisting and the mock affection whenever he calls him 'sibling' all stabbing him all focused on the face all so cold.


11. Trick

Twirling and spinning and he smiles as he flits past a passing pian, remembering why he chose this in the first place.

18. Redeem
Maybe it doesn't redeem him as much to have that extra selfish motive on top of his self righteous 'it's-what's-right spiel' but it's true, and he's as important as any of those visitors he refuses to harm surely?


03. Dirt
Helen asks about other visitors, so he slumps down onto the dirt and starts a story about a pink haired girl-angel who sang and the blue haired boy who ran like nobody's buisness.

49. Voice
She asks questions when he's done, voice curious because she never thought of others dreaming, just herself.

31. Grow

"It'd be nice to see her, now she'd be older, I haven't seen her since..."

41. Final

But after the obligatory we-defeated-him they never come back- it's far too final for their minds, after all, even if it actually just happens again and again.

26. Never
They never came back.


01. Step

Whenever he walks he just has to wonder- how do people manage it without tripping over their own (well, alright, small) feet?


19. Bleak

The bleakest greyest most annoyingly boring dreamers sometimes have the most amazing, wonderful dreamscapes; talk about repression.


36. Last

The last words NiGHTS says before running off are hilariously petty quite frankly.

49. Voice

He said to Reala- "If I stuck around here, my voice would end up as stupid as yours!"

22. Anger
Yeah, he was pretty angry at himself for coming up with that one.


In Topic: What are you listening to right now?

08 March 2008 - 10:14 AM

Anymore, by Emmy Rossum