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Oh, TokyoPop. *rolls eyes*

28 May 2008 - 10:00 AM

I wasn't sure if I should post this here, or in the artwork section where art people will see it.

Buuut, Bryan Scott O'Malley (creator of Scott Pilgrim and other awesome comics) posts a breakdown of TP's 'pact' for their manga Pilot thing.

And it does not look good.

My favourite bit of head-desk inducing rubbish in this contract is:

“Moral rights” is a fancy term (the French thought it up) that basically has to do with having your name attached to your creation (your credit!) and the right to approve or disapprove certain changes to your creation. Of course, we want you to get credit for your creation, and we want to work with you in case there are changes, but we want to do so under the terms in this pact instead of under fancy French idea. So, in order for us to adapt the Manga Pilot for different media, and to determine how we should include your credit in tough situations, you agree to give up any "moral rights" you might have.

Of course, you still have your rights under this pact to your credit.

YEAH EVERYONE HATES FRANCE, RIGHT? So give up your moral rights to your creation, it's only a silly FRENCH idea!

Good grief.

(And for the record, I've read the contract for myself and it is as bad as it's being made out to be in the LJ entry.)

But yeah, thought I should pass this on.

Celtic Connections

25 January 2008 - 09:04 PM

Okay, so for the first time in ever, I went up to Glasgow for 'Celtic Connections.' And had I not got a tonne of work and other commitments I'd be still up there now (and I wish I was.)

What the hell is Celtic Connections?

Well, it's the biggest and best festival of traditional music in the UK. Now, before you all run a mile because 'oh god, folk music', the key thing about Celtic Connections is not only are there some stunning musicians, but it's in Scotland. Which is important, because Scotland does not put it's music in neat little boxes, and mixed into brilliant live traditional music from around the world you get elements of everything from rock to club dance music to classical to jazz.

It's also two and a half weeks long, and every night the Central Hotel is taken over by the festival where you'll get even more music, and some great impromptu collaborations you'll never see anywhere else.

So yeah, there's still plenty of it left, and if you're in the area I hugely recommend trying to get to see Peatbog Faeries or Shooglenifty (though I will be so jealous) for some serious jump up and down high energy live goodness.

I was only there for a few days and loved it, and will be saving up and booking time off for 2009 for sure.

Check it out if you can! ^_^

KiloTango's Topic of Piccage

23 November 2007 - 07:06 PM


NEW IMAGES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE THREAD. (Updated 19/05/08: Artrage WIP of Geoff and Ellie)

Posted Image
A flyer I did for a charity event. No, the tag line wasn't my idea.

Posted Image
Concept art doodle for a comic I'm working on.

Posted Image
Guy called Geoff from a novel I'm working on. He's kind of a dream guide. And is not normally this depressed, but sometimes these things happen. It was pencilled and then done entirely in one black fine-liner and water.

Posted Image
If you do no know who this person is, you need to play more awesome freeware games. Namely, Cave Story. Rough as hell but I like this image anyway. He's fun to draw.

I've got more stuff on me DA, over at <a href="http://ktcoope.deviantart.com/" target="_blank">http://ktcoope.deviantart.com/</a>

(And to be really cheeky I should plug I'm also doing some extra cheap commissions to help with impending Christmas)

Scott Pilgrim

20 November 2007 - 06:34 PM

Scott Pilgrim is a comic series by the unfairly talented Brian Lee O'Malley. It follows the exploits of the title character and his friends, in particular his relationship with the mysterious subspace-using Amazon delivery girl Ramona Flowers, who comes with rather a strange problem: In order to keep her, Scott is going to have to defeat her Legion of Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends.

The series swings between brilliantly observed romantic comedy and utter insanity, with a tonne of pop culture references thrown in, especially from video games.

The film has been optioned, and is going to be directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced) which is just about perfect because the book is very similar in tone to Spaced.

O'Malley's art is simple but brilliant, with great expressions, top notch story telling and a lot of fun to it, and he has got to tone of slightly geeky twentysomethings completely right.

You can find out more at http://www.scottpilgrim.com/ and the fourth volume of the series came out last week so now is a great time to start reading it.

Which if you've not already done, you should do RIGHT NOW. It will be AWESOME.

Phase: Your Music is the Game

15 November 2007 - 01:23 AM


Phase is a music game from Harmonix, the crew who bought you Amplitude and Guitar Hero. And it's for... your iPod.

You'll need a generation 5 or above iPod or one of the new Nanos in order to play.

The game uses the right, centre and left buttons on the iPod like the 3 blasters in Amplitude, and also has wavy lines to follow with the scroll wheel. It comes with a neat little selection of songs, and will set you back a fiver.

Which is completely worth it, because where Phase SHINES is the fact that you can plug any song you like into it and it will generate a level for you to play. So for once, we get a music game where the track listing is just what you want it to be. Some songs work better than others, but generally it's surprisingly good at picking up the beat of the songs. It's a simple little game, but it's cheap, fun, and one hell of a time killer.

If you've got a compatible iPod, seriously, get this thing. I picked it up this evening and have been playing it to the point of thumb-cramp.

(Also, if anyone else has it, this would be a good place to recommend songs that work especially well in it. My current favourite on it is 'Clubbed to Death' by Rob Dougan, on Hard mode.)