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Nix Entente

Nix Entente

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December NiGHTS Art Challenge!

02 December 2008 - 04:08 AM

As promised (although a bit late D:), here are the fo shiz rules for a December NiGHTS Art Challenge!

MAIN GOAL: One NiD-related picture for every day of December!

It's actually pretty simple! Please feel completely free to do the following:

-Make pictures ahead of time. It's good to plan ahead if you know you won't be online for a few days.
-Join in late. Everyone is completely welcome at ANYTIME.
-Draw from either of the games, the book, or the comics.
-Use any medium you want. Pencils, pens, paint program, photoshop, whatever suits you best.
-Submit "unfinished" pieces like sketches and storyboards. The goal is not 31 masterpieces, just 31 new pieces of art.

Please do not do the following:

-Do OCs. AU/Personal interpretations of the in-game/book/comic characters are more than welcome, but please do not submit pictures of your original character as a challenge entry. Just a personal thing. D:

When you are ready to show us your work:
Please post the picture here! Hopefully we can have a nice long thread full of art! Also, if you are posting on a personal wobsite or artsite account, give us the URL! I'm sure we're all excited to see each others' stuff!

Any clarifications need to be made? Ask away and I'll edit this main post to answer your question!

And, I'm going to make the first post, since I'm all ready.

Posted Image

It's not the best thing ever, but I'm pretty pleased. Don't worry, the prettier stuff is coming too! X )

Art Challenge Proposal

18 November 2008 - 01:37 AM

So, I did this last year, as did Mayura, but I'm considering making December a month for another Winter NiGHTS Art Challenge. Last year I did it in January, but I'm going to be out of country for two weeks in January(Any NiGHTS fans in Dublin? Let me know! We should meet up!). December gives me the most time, plus I can use up a BUNCH of days doing new Christmas outfits for canon characters! (Fffff I'm so excited.)

Now, I would like to be even more excited that I already am. You know what would do that? If a bunch of people...like...FIVE WHOLE PEOPLE or something like that, would do this with me! It gives me a real jazz to look at what other people are doing while I work, and group art projects are uber-fun. However, last year there wasn't a big interest. So, I figured I'd feeeeel everyone out early this year.

What do you all think? If there is interest, I'll (re)post the guidelines here for all to see! If not, I'll work away myself.

How long can you tread water?

28 October 2008 - 04:01 AM

One of my favorite discussions about the subconscious is the symbology of water. Most of what I've read says that water is two things to the dreamer--sexuality and/or the unknown. Whenever I dream about water--lakes, puddles, rain, oceans, whatever--I try to keep this in mind.

I was just curious: how do other people deal/function in water during their dreams? Sink or swim? (My experiences, personally, are available for the asking.)