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Nix Entente

Nix Entente

Member Since 07 Nov 2007
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In Topic: Greetings!

05 August 2009 - 01:53 AM

I'm totally digging your icon. SPOON!

In Topic: The NiGHTSmare Before Chrismas

04 August 2009 - 07:59 PM

Jack isn't emo or goth, he's just kind of negative.

I agree; he definitely isn't emo or goth! But, I can't really say that he's negative, either. In fact, he kind of embodies everything positive: ambitious, driven, excited about what he does, passionate, brilliant, caring, aware. The only litte downside is that he gets pretty...tunnel-visioned. : ) In fact, the only reason Christmas becomes a disaster is because of the people of Halloweentown. Jack seems to understand what Christmas is--that's what enthralls him. It isn't until he tries to bend it for the other citizens that it becomes a mess.

Honestly, my view of Jack is very close to how I see NiGHTS. He is by nature, a scary creature, but only because we're trained to fear certain things. The curiosity and geniality of both character eventually wins us over, even though they could really terrify us if they wanted to. I like to see NiGHTS from the original game as a sharp, scientific mind with a razor wit and spidery hands. : 3 Mmm, NiD NiGHTS...

In Topic: NiGHTS mmorpg

04 August 2009 - 07:44 PM

Well, as I'm not experienced with MMOs, I guess I have no real say in this, but I could definitely see a NiD version happening, if someone driven got behind it. I don't know if I'd play, but...

I think that you could set up a character choosing from however many races the creator set up [Nightmaren, Nightopians, Humans, et cetera] and then essentially roll for stats. The stats would determine how you function in the dream world. You could have your basic stuff like agility, strength, endurance--but then you could also have things for dreamers like lucidity, deep sleep time, and self-awareness. They could all be things that increase your ability to control and alter the dreamscape. And of course, with time spent playing the game and interacting with others, you can increase your stats.

As a dreamcreature, you could have a particular dream aspect that is your strength--anything from disorientation to manufacturing a sense of touch to even working with a particular symbolic color. There are a lot of ways you could go with this.

This way, you could have a game with foci on the numbers for numbernerds and the characters for the characternerds. I think it would be pretty neato.

Not that I would play. But, I am putting a 'yes' for my vote.

In Topic: Inspiration Fairytale

04 August 2009 - 04:53 AM

I know that I've just come back from lurking, so you may not trust my MADSKILLZ of roleplay, but I would love to play NiGHTS. If you want, I could PM you a sample of my RP work; I know how it is to step into a roleplay and not know what your getting. >.<

I am curiously at what point the RP starts? Also, are you going to simply establish a posting order?

[EDIT: lol, didn't realize that this was almost a month ago. Is anyone still looking at this?]

In Topic: Bizzare dreams

04 August 2009 - 04:44 AM

I've been having some weird ones lately let-me-tell-you and the worst part is, I've been going to bed at a decent hour. I had one last night about cleaning hair out of my bathtub but it was like...really thick monkey hair and it was GROOOOOOOSS and the night before that I had a dream about being attacked by a 3 headed lady who kept telling me that my parents hated me. It's weird because there's been no eating before bed or anything that usually causes nightmares so I wonder whats going on. Anyone else been having any weird ones lately?

I'm kind of just giving you a spiel based on...well, a blend of all the crap I've read, so take or leave whatever you like. : )

IMO: Basically, your mind takes dreamtime to dump everything that it's been thinking about. Sometimes, you can have really specific symbols [for me, stress is symbolized by fire, and safety by seeing certain people, etc.], but a lot of the time, your dreams are just formed by a random hat-draw. Does it mean anything? Maybe. Maybe not. I would sit and think about what you've been feeling lately and how you've felt in your dreams. There might be a connection, or not.

My feeling is that if you've been getting plenty of sleep (which I think you have, since you're having such vivid dreams), your brain is just taking the opportunity to clear-out. : ) I would write the dreams down, if nothing else. They make good story/art fodder!

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