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Member Since 14 Aug 2007
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01 October 2007 - 12:15 AM

hello to the new forum!

I don't come in here often, but this new RP board suits my interests, so much so i've already started planning a module for anyone who wants to take part.
this is in EARLY PLANNING stages; and so i'm advertising it here so that others can suggest things that will help me make this something the eventual players will enjoy and appreciate.

WARNING! THIS RP WILL BE -HEAVILY- AU and as such may not be for everyone.
this is the list of things i have down, which is being added to every minute.

EDIT: i forgot to mention that this will be held in the mature RP section; while there are no plans that make it so, at present, there most likely will be. please bare this in mind.

: Will be using a heavily modified version of the anime d20 system (hence the name) that will be pruned until it fits the NiGHTS into dreams setting within reason
: The canon characters (NiGHTS, Reala, and so on) will NOT be playable, those will be story-based characters that you'll be able to interact with, but not act as.
: Each player gets to make their own humanoid-Maren (equivilant of a first-level RPG character with a few bonuses)
: Action will take place in a mostly canon nightopia / nightmare, if slightly enlarged and expanded upon.
: The RPG system will be made as simple as possible (not even being used in some instances) so those who don't like RPGs (or those who want to get straight into the role playing) shouldn't be discouraged!
: A quick note on limitations: maren only, no divine magic (this includes paladins and the natural domains, so no druids either) and the arcane magic system is wizards-only.

the basic premise, subject to change and input from potential players, is as follows:

in this AU setting, the dream realm is not as sparse as indicated in canon; dreaming humans, while not aware of the dream realm in any concious scense, are far more common than in the game. this does nothing to diminish the rarity of ideya, however, because it empowers the humans to be more than a match for all minions and a lot of maren short of wizeman's personal servants.
this led to wizeman producing far more minions and maren than in the game, and while all of them, after his initial servants, were made from a basic humaren form, their diversity and variations easily match a social level to that of humans.

After NiGHTS, however, destroyed wizeman with the aid of a pair of dreamers and their red ideya, things became a little different.
the minions, without exception, are now crazed and will attack anything, including the maren, mindlessly.

with the two dreamers gone, NiGHTS is no longer in a posistion to defeat entire swarms of minions, and while still unmarenishly powerful, like the other elite servants, is in no way capable of dealing with all of them.

The maren are going to war.

those who embrace this new peace from Wizeman accept NiGHTS as a form of liberator, and will do anything in their power to keep their new-found freedom from what they now see as an un-noticed slavery.

those still loyal to Wizeman, while not openly hostile to NiGHTS just yet, will no doubt seek a way to return their master to the dream realm.

and those stuck between them, the last marens to be made by Wizeman before his destruction, may be the ones lucky (or unlucky) enough to find out the truth; is wizeman gone for good? are his elite servants? and what is going to happen if they come back?


14 August 2007 - 03:11 PM

I've been on the IRC channel a lot the past few days and finally decided to register on the forums, so a select few of you may recognize me; Hello to you specifically if you do.
I'm an avid NiGHTS fan and have been since I first played the original and while I don't have a Wii I DO look forward to seeing how Night's second full game turns out and influences the community.
right now I'm employed and waiting to go to university some time next year, which should be a good experience for me.

I have no strong likes or dislikes of anything, only my habits; gaming, books, learning, understanding people and helping solve problems.
my only dislikes? people with ugly mentalities, and by that i mean those who are either prejudiced, shallow or close-minded.
as long as you don't meet any of those ideas, we'll get along just fine, I hope.

I hope to make a few good friends on this board, but I won't be on it too often - I prefer the IRC channel and even then I only come on every few days.