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In Topic: NiD20

10 November 2007 - 01:57 AM

hey guys.
it's been quite a while, i'm sorry D:
it turns out my 'cough / cold' wasn't really that simple.

try three bottles of cough mixture, multiple boxes of painkillers, and FINALLY a week-long perscription of anti-biotics to make it leave my chest.
yeah, not fun.

as a lot of you have probably guessed by now, my ideas and motivation to plan any kind of RPG died in the water within a week of falling ill; it sucks, yeah. i was hoping to actually DO something before my imagination and desire to play DIED on me.

so i'm sorry to announce i myself won't be making any kind of campaign for you guys to play, and i offer really, really late (but really really meant) appologies for stalling as long as i did.

but hey, with so many imaginative people on the forums i'm sure it won't be long before there's a whole heap of RPs to suit anyone who wants to take part. (i haven't even been on here to look at other posts, that's how out of it i've been D: )

if ANYONE wants whatever writing i have on my d20 system, or even if they just want the odd idea thrown into something they want to do themselves, please feel free to message me.
with that really pathetic excuse out of the way, i wish you all the best of gaming.

In Topic: NiD20

05 October 2007 - 08:39 PM

hey guys, quick update sorry.
because our local area got hit with an influx of colds and coughs, and i, as usual, caught one JUST as i was being productive, i've hit a bit of a delay.

of course, once i'm well again nid20 will continue on, and it doesn't mean i've stopped thinking about it - just nothing's being done as 'work'.

will speak to you all again when i'm better, have fun RPing

In Topic: NiD20

02 October 2007 - 11:40 AM

I -can- use a system sort of like you're suggesting for the experiance, Submas, because it removes a lot of hassle over some things.
for example, if you want a system where your abilities improve based on what you use (skill-exp) then it's very easy for me to just tone down the damage you can do at the start and add in, for example, weapons that improve as you do at a similar / slightly higher line than magic-like abilities (because of the danger of getting into melee range, you NEED a bonus to make it worth it compared to sitting back and blasting away)

the dream-magic idea isn't bad, but it DOES mean one or two problems come up:
let's say I go ahead and make up a whole new division of magic based on focal ideas such as 'weather' 'healing' 'time' etc etc.. and while i can do that, it'll take time and even more input from you guys and it STILL not be everyone's cup of tea.

also, i'm considering allowing humans to come in and act as lucid dreamers; IE, they manipulate the dream around them to help the rest of the players..

items will of course be involved.
i'm just not sure how yet.

the entire game would never be as simple as 'stick NiGHTS into a d20 environment" because of the nature of the setting, but some constants HAVE to be set.
oh well, back to the drawing board for me for a few more hours.

In Topic: NiD20

02 October 2007 - 01:11 AM

I'm about to go to bed for the night, but before i do i thought i'd give everybody a little something to help wet their appetite and to help show-off the thoughts and ideas behind this game.
right now the only race ready to play is HuMaren, however i do think i'll try to include CatMaren (high-dex, low int) and possibly one more to be finalised.
the magic system hasn't received any news and as such i'm waiting until at least one magic-interested person talks to me.

i did mention something special...

here's the description for a new skill that you can put points into each level and will become progressively stronger the more you do (sort of like a special attack you can train to be as strong as you like.)

The dream realm allows a great many things, and ever since the minions lost their minds, the maren have taken to learning new feats inherit to their dream-state.
one of the newer 'tricks' discovered is the ability to distort the air around them during flight, and careful manipulation of this lets them do the recently impossible:
a maren can fly past a minion at normal flying speeds and still produce a powerful sonic boom, capable of shaking up anything hit by the shockwave and leaving them more open to attack.
powerful sonic booms have even been known to blast minions onto the floor helplessly, and rumors exist of the ability to 'flashboom' - to create a sonic boom from a standstill.

I realise this may be basic to most people here, however, there will be more than just this and I'm trying to generate some input to help speed this along... the more you talk back to me, the faster I'll be finalising things ready to play!

In Topic: NiD20

01 October 2007 - 10:05 PM

i hate making posts unless i have something important to say, but in this instance i need some input from potential players.
the main system is allready taking shape (the maren race has it's racial package already!) but two issues i want to bring forward for player input:
FLIGHT right now is a free perk based on on your character's level (starting at first and going up steadily in ability) but this obviously does not take practice or dedication into account: would players prefer to have a naturally progressing ability or one that improves with effort? if it's effort-based, then be warned that your natural ability to fly will have to be limited!
the second issue is the magic system, this is a little more complex, especially if you haven't seen the anime d20 system before.

wizard-based magic is that each wizard knows a selection of spells based on their level and finding new magic to learn, they get a set of slots per day that they may fill up and cast as they see fit (the vanilla method)
while this isn't included right now, i may lift the restriction if it's wanted enough:
sorcerer-based magic is that each sorcerer gets to know a few spells based solely on level, and may cast any of those spells up to the amount they may cast per day.
the anime d20 system takes things a little differently:
each player buys an ability that allows them to cast magic (known as dynamic sorcery) that allows them to cast cantrips (0th level) at rank 1 and going up to rank 10 (9th level magic) their spell limit is determined by a pool called energy which they gain per level and each spell will drain a certain amount of energy per casting.
this is a system i've not used before but would be willing to test out.
there is also an OPTIONAL method that will, unless the game takes a HUGE shift, NOT be allowed in this module (perhaps in the future):
non-energy dynamic sorcery is extremely hard to learn but has NO energy cost associated; there is NO limit to the amount of spells of that rank of mage-craft that the character can cast.

those responding to the above two questions should PM myself, please!
Ideya Fairy - while right now i'm planning on just HuMaren characters (and the potential for a human or two, as per Nellie's request) i DID plan on allowing other species of maren in future modules, should it prove popular (For example a Catmaren with higher dexterity but lower intelligence.) and possibly a race that defies gravity completely, rather than just being able to fly.

Kitsune, AU stands for Alternate Universe, or simply, a setting that takes the basic canon of NiD (the game) and either distorts it or adds to it in some way (for example, a game where NiGHTS never rebelled, or in this setting, where there's an actual maren society of some kind, as well as wide-spread weapon use and magic.)

progress to report: the HuMaren race is almost finished, i only need to test their balance via a few headache inducing math-crunches, then i'll start seeing about the main characters and plot.
human characters as yet are still not viable, but that's one issue i'm still thinking about.
things i can think of off the top of my head: whether or not currency will play an issue, the minion's statistics, death and healing, one or two surprises.
when this will kick off: give me about seven days to make sure everything's ready, then we'll see about participants (2/3 days) and finally kicking off the introduction (one day for that to be written)