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Member Since 23 Jul 2010
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Hey all~

23 July 2010 - 08:29 PM

So ayup, I'm OvErLoRd (also from the SSMB), I'm new and I've got a little story to tell, and a few confessions to make.

I used to love NiGHTS. I was a lot younger when I first played NiGHTS (I actually never owned the game as I never owned a Saturn, just played a friend's copy), and the experience was something else (read with positive connotation XD). But being my usual younger self, I quickly grew impatient and tired of waiting for the next NiGHTS game, so much so that I practically gave up being a NiGHTS fan. Journey of Dreams came out, and I ignored it because I didn't want to go down that same road.

My sister apparently didn't feel the same way I did, so she picked up JoD one day and brought it home. Whenever she played it, I would leave the room... until one day, she left her game in the Wii, (and yes this is the worst way ever to rediscover a fandom :lol:), and I was too lazy to change games to whatever else I would play. So I decided, "what the hey, I'll give the game a go."

And I was hooked. Again. Even if the experience wasn't the same as that of the original NiGHTS when I first played it, it was still spectacular. The music, graphics, everything was incredible.

Recently, I've been trying to ease myself back into the world of NiGHTS. I ended up buying the game from my sister as she grew tired of it, and then ended up here after lurking for a while.

... hope to get to know you all on the forums!~