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In Topic: Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

17 November 2010 - 03:24 AM

Just want to stress how absolutely amazing the game is. Everything about it is better in every way from Gen 4. The graphics, the designs, and the battles, among others.


It's the music that Gen 4. should have had. I often find myself turning on my DS just to hear the music from the battles play.

Competitive-wise, Gen 5 brought so many changes to the game that I can't even begin to list them here. So many of the new Pokémon are just so fun to use, and the new mind games created this generation are intense. Old players will adapt, but it may take a while since a lot of the new Pokés are quite powerful (like the Burungeru+Nattorei combo, these things are beasts) and have seen more use than a lot of the top-used Pokés from fourth gen.

Also, the still-unreleased Dream World abilities change up the game completely; if ever all of the Dream World abilities are released in-game, wifi battling will take a turn for the even more intense. Shanderaa (a new ghost/fire type with a base 145 sp. attack stat) receives Shadow Tag and incredibly many opportunities to abuse it, while Gyarados receives Overconfidence, a new ability which boosts its attack every time it KOes and opponent, just to name a couple of Pokés who get incredible boosts this gen.

Yeah, I love 5th gen.

In Topic: Does anyone actually like JoD better?

24 August 2010 - 06:46 AM

I got into the NiGHTS series because of JoD, and only found out about NiD after that, so JoD will always hold a place in my heart as my personal favorite.

And what also helps is that IMO there's a shortage of good games for the Wii. Journey of Dreams is easily one of the best games on the system, so I find myself playing it a bunch, and I think that each time I play it I like it a bit more.

...It's kinda hard to put into words how awesome playing JoD is (for me)~

In Topic: "Sonic Colors" announced!

07 August 2010 - 06:23 PM

So the US's release date is Nov. 16th, as revealed by the page with the new trailer... but apparently the UK gets it Nov. 12th, 4 days earlier.

It's your revenge for us Americans getting Mario Galaxy 2 earlier, isn't it~ (of course, I didn't and won't ever care as much about Mario as I do for any Sonic game)

But in all seriousness, I am PSYCHED for this game. This may not be a Day One purchase for me, as I most likely won't have $50 bucks on hand, so I'll need to take time to save up. I'll be getting it as soon as I can though. (Hmmm... maybe I should wait for Christmas and get it as a present...)

In Topic: Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

07 August 2010 - 06:15 PM

According to Pokébeach, these scans are definitely real.

Posted Image

-Shikijika is a Normal / Grass-type (as revealed in the previous update) and changes its color depending on the in-game season.

-In the spring Shikijika is pink (like the official Ken Sugimori artwork), in the summer it is green, in the fall it is orange, and in the winter it is brown.

-There will be a new in-game season each month of the real year, meaning three seasons a year.

-As seen on the bottom of the scan, the color of Isshu’s terrain changes depending on the season as well.


Posted Image

-Aloe is the Gym Leader of Shippou City (シッポウシティ).

-The city could be named after a religious Buddhist term for the “Seven Precious Treasures,” being Gold, Silver, Pearls, Agate, Crystal, Coral, and Lapis Lazuli. Some of these have been game namesakes to boot. It can also be named after “Cloisonne,” which is enamel work (”enamelware in which colored areas are separated by thin metal strips”). So the city may deal in religion or art (or perhaps uses the metal from that religious term for the enamel work). Considering Aloe is wearing a big apron, she might be a cloisonne ware maker. But none of this is confirmed yet of course!

-Speaking of which, an “aloe” is an African flower.

In Topic: Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

07 August 2010 - 07:59 AM

New Pokes? Apparently, they were revealed at a bus tour in Japan.

Posted Image

Emonga – Flying Squirrel Pokemon. Type is Electric / Flying. Ability is Static

Gigaiasu – High Pressure Pokemon. Type is Rock. Ability is Sturdy.

Emonga could very well be that flying squirrel of a Pachirisu evo that some people have been waiting for.