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Member Since 15 Dec 2009
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In Topic: NiGHTS rap

18 December 2009 - 09:37 PM

But yeh, if i need to get at you for a song i can contact you at the email address that you signed up with, right?


Thanks to everyone who commented.

In Topic: NiGHTS rap

17 December 2009 - 02:19 AM

Dreamin is a sick track, for real. Nice job.

I've been coming to the site for a number of years but never did anything with the forum. I don't really take part in many online communities. I think this site is amazing, though, and has done so much for NiGHTS.

Yeah, I have the Saturn and Wii games and love them. They've helped me through tough times in my life.

lol we should definitely collaborate. I think we'd tear it up. Our contrasting styles and accents would be sliiick. Haha.

In Topic: NiGHTS rap

16 December 2009 - 10:52 AM

Another person who likes NiGHTS and RAPS? .... :lol:

No way. I think the world is caving in on itself!?!?!

Can i ask, how long have you been rapping? You have a nice flow at some points there.

Also, welcome :)

I started seriously understanding rhyme schemes and polysyllable stuff when I was 15. So, I'd say I've been rapping for around 10 years I guess. And thank-you.

I feel like "rap" has kind of a dirty connotation due to what represents the medium most of the time. I believe that rap doesn't have to be about what you hear on the radio. It is simply an aggressive delivery of poetry. It could be about anything. It's about an individual's circumstances or passion. It's a creative outlet. I think things are already changing where different subjects and styles are becoming more accepted.