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Faith Wellington

Faith Wellington

Member Since 09 Aug 2009
Offline Last Active Sep 06 2009 03:28 PM

Anybody have some spare mepians?

15 August 2009 - 02:47 AM

I'm looking for:

• Eelopians (made from Eelons; purple eel-like body, electric aura) -TOP PRIORITY-
• Beepians (made from Beez Pods; purple hive that ocassionally spews bees
• Scaropians (made from Scaropions; red scorpions that stand on floating yellow bombs)
• Murtle Meeps (made from Murtle; blue/green turtles that transform into different objects)
• And any other kind you may have besides Deworms.

They don't need to be full-blooded (although I'll take those too), but I'd at least like to have the head associated with said mepian.

And if your looking for a trade, I don't know if I have any mepians you'd be interested in. :/

I might have a full-blodded Gulpian and Ballopian, but there's a slim chance that's true.

Well, just post if you'd like to help me out. :]


I feel really greedy and rude right now. .__.

NiGHTS [Story] A small note.

13 August 2009 - 09:06 PM


A horrifying beast baring six large, metallic hands floats atop a large tower in the center of Bellbridge. His long, purple cloak, bathed in moonlight, shines a weak glow. He grumbles, and swiftly turns around to face a small creature, wearing a red jester-like hat.

“Reeeeeeala…,” the beast echoes. “…You have failed me for the last time!”. Reala, first class Nightmaren created by Wizeman himself, quivers at the booming voice. “B-b-but Wizeman,” The nightmare pleads. “If you’d give me just one more chance, I’d…” Reala is cut-off by Wizeman. “You’d choke like the useless abomination you are.” Reala gasps, begins to utter something back, but sighs and lowers his head.

“As punishment for your continued failures…,” Wizeman continues. “…You are stripped of your status and powers.” Reala gasps. “What?! But if I lose my powers…I’ll die in this atrocity they call Earth!” Wizeman is unphased. He raises his hand to the sky, creating a dark purple ball of energy, and strikes Reala with it.

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” Reala cries in pain. His skin begins to turn a faint brown, and the black design disappears from his body. He then proceeds to go unconscious, and his body tumbles towards the ground. Wizeman looks over the side of the tower, watching him fall. “What a pity. He had so much potential.” He turns his back to the falling Reala, and opens a vortex. “…But now I’m in need of a new assistant…,” Wizeman cackles. “…And I know just who to promote.”

An orange nightmaren with blue and yellow designs steps out of the vortex. A clock drapes over his invisible body, and a grin on his dark face contains yellow and brown rotting teeth. He floats out of the warp hole, shuffling a deck of cards between his tattered gloves. Wizeman laughs maniacally, and the screen fades to black.


Mmmkay, so that was short. But Prologue's aren't supposed to be long, right?

Anyways, I've never played NiGHTS into Dreams, so I know absolutely nothing about Jackle, except that he's pretty popular here.


Oh, and I have no intention of making Jackle a Reala/NiGHTS clone. He'll be his own person. :]

Well, I guess let me know what you think so far, and if any of you can, tell me something about Jackle, so I know how to portray him in the story.