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Faith Wellington

Faith Wellington

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In Topic: NiGHTS [Story] A small note.

06 September 2009 - 02:56 AM

A Small Note

I don't know how long it's been since I've posted Chapter 2, but if you really like the story so far, and are possibly worried that I've forgotten about it, have no fear- Chapter 3 is on its way. :]

It's always a struggle for me to continue writing something- but I am definitely going to finish this story (atleast, I'll finish Faith's story...).

You can expect Chapter 3 to be published within the next seven days- and if it's not up, send me all the hate-mail you possibly can. xD

Well, that's basically it- I'm just hoping that if you like the story so far, you haven't given up hope on me. :3

Byeeee! :'D

In Topic: Tails Doll Curse

16 August 2009 - 04:45 AM


I have absolutely no idea, but after reading those stories, I'm sure I'm going to have nightmares tonight.


In Topic: Anybody have some spare mepians?

15 August 2009 - 09:32 PM

Kentilan- No problem.

Razer- Well, if you have one that's full-blooded, I'd gladly trade something for that. :]

In Topic: NiGHTS [Story] A small note.

15 August 2009 - 09:26 PM

Don’t Cry, Little Girl…

“Mmm…” mumbles Faith as she rolls out of bed. She stretches her arms above her head and walks into her private bathroom, bringing her clothes with her. After about thirty minutes, Faith steps out of the shower, gets dressed, and starts to brush her hair, but stops when she hears her phone ring. She runs out to grab it, and flips it open- one new text message. “Hi babe, cum 2 my house, I got smthin to tll u.” She frowns upon reading this, but decides to go anyway. After putting her phone in the pocket of her skirt, she runs downstairs, puts on her shoes and coat, and opens the door.

“Faith?” a familiar voice beckons her. “Where are you going, honey?” Faith freezes in her tracks, and a thousand thoughts run through her mind. “My friends and I are going to some concert at the mall- some girl from Twin Seeds moved here a while ago, and apparently has a great voice.” This wasn’t a lie however, as she was planning on going to this with her friends after the meeting. Her mom smiles at this. “Ahh, okay. Have a nice time!” Faith runs out the door, and yells back, “Thanks, mum!”

Her boyfriends’ house was very beautiful. Several flowers and trees dotted along the backyard, and a small pond flowed along the path to the front door. Faith looks at the window and sees her boyfriend waving at her. He goes to the door and unlocks it, gesturing her to come in. Faith giggles, and skips inside. She walks into the living room and finds a seat on the right side of the couch. Her boyfriend, Jake, comes in and sits beside her.

“Faith, look…,” he starts. “…I am so sorry that I’ve beat on you. I was stupid, and I didn’t see the wonderful person that I was hurting so terribly…” Faith looks at him, and cries a bit. “…but I promise that I’ll never hurt you again- ever. I love you too much, and if I ever lost you…I don’t know what I’d do with myself. Do you forgive me?” Jake gets down on his knees and holds onto her hand. Faith cries, laughs and replies, “Yes!”

The two kiss passionately for a few seconds, and Faith gets up off of the couch. “I’ll go make us something to eat, honey.” Jake looks at her and smiles. “Okay, babe.” As Faith turns away, Jake’s face melts off of his body, revealing a creepy smile. Faith fails to notice this, and the figure jumps up and sticks its’ claws into her back. “Ec-!” the creepy smile on the creature widens, and he whispers into her ear, “Don’t struggle too much, this will only take a second…” Faith doesn’t listen to this, and kicks him in the leg, causing him to release her.

“You little brat!” the male-sounding voice booms, and the frightened girl runs into the kitchen. “Gotta’ hide, gotta’ hide!” she says to herself, and spots a closet across the room. She darts to her new-found hiding spot and steps inside, closing the door quietly behind her. The offender walks into the kitchen, wielding a large knife. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty…here kitty, kitty, kitty- Jackle promises he won’t bite, eh-hee-hee-hee!” “…Who’s Jackle, and what does he want with me?” the girl asks herself, but suddenly realizes it wasn’t mentally. A large knife is thrusted through the door, and the girl screams.

Faith kicks the door open and runs to the front door. Jackle watches her movements, and laughs. “Resistance will get you nowhere, eh-hee-hee-hee!” he pulls his knife out of the door and walks towards the girl. Faith tries opening the door- locked. The creature is getting closer and closer, and Faith doesn’t know what to do. She drops to her knees in front of the door, and starts to cry. “Aww, you poor thing. Don’t cry little girl, this will be over before you know it!”

He puts his hand over her face and begins to suck the life out of her. A mixture of colors (blue, green, yellow, and white) comes out of her head. Faith screams in pain, and Jackal puts his hand buy his side. “Now that I have what I want, I can send you on your way…eh-hee-hee-hee!” He tries to thrust the knife into her stomach, but Faith, out of instinct, grabs the knife and stabs the maniac in the face with it.

“Gaaaaaah!!!” Jackle screams as he stumbles back a bit. Faith looks to her side and sees a shining white light. Although she doesn’t know what it is, she’s out of options, so she rushes into it. The shining light bathing her skin feels heavenly, and she floats to an undetermined area.


Aaaaaaaand Chapter 2 is complete, and as you can see, my chapters are not very long. xD

Somebody described Jackle as the Joker of Dream World, so for some reason I thought of Freddy Krueger. .__.

Just so you know, if Faith had not acted when Jackle was about to stab her, she would've died. OMGWTFBBQ.

Tell me what you guys think, comments are always accepted! :]

In Topic: Anybody have some spare mepians?

15 August 2009 - 05:20 PM

Update: Got an Eelopian and Scaropian(not full-blooded), and that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. .__.

Noctourne- Well, this is what I did:

• Sucked up two of each kind of nightmarens to eat my 80 nightopians, while saving any mepians I had (only one)
• After each and everyone of them were eaten, I killed off the nightmarens

And then I started on getting mepians. :]

How to get an Eelopian and/or Mothpil

Go to the Delight City: Chase Mission, and at the start of the level, place a couple of nightopians into the big sand box. Let them breed, complete the level, and re-enter level. Open any eggs that they'd made, and continue said process until there are 10-15 nightopians in the sand box. Now, dualize with NiGHTS, get the key from the bird, and as soon as you destroy the first cage, fly backwards. There should be two Eelopians and one Mothpil floating in the air- shoot them downwards, and with any luck, they'll touch a Nightopian. This is the most frustrating mepian to get, and I imagine getting a full-blooded eelopian is even more difficult. Just keep trying, and eventually you'll get one. :]

Oh, and if you're looking for an easier mepian to get, go to the Pure Valley: Chase Mission, and the first Shleep you come to, shoot in at a downwards angle, and it will more than likely hit a nightopian. Probably the easiest one to get. :]

Hope this helped!


Oh, and I'm still looking for Eelopians, so if anybody has any, just give me a holler. xD