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Member Since 01 May 2007
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01 May 2007 - 09:15 AM

*Yawns at 2:14 AM, adds in an edit.*

Okay, finally slinking around and finding a nice little corner to snuggle into. Beans.

Where to begin, where to begin... Well, I too became a NiGHTS fan way back when I was a wee child, nine years old in 1996. Wow, that feels so long ago (why do I age myself like this?) I was captivated by both the look and feel of the game, it was something completely new and breath taking to me. So yeah, I got hooked.

Well, years later I joined up with with the online world and had put NiGHTS on my not so important list. That is to say until I was looking on ebay for some video game, I think the original Super Smash Brothers (mine got stolen) only to see NiGHTS up for grabs. Seeing the image brought me back instantly and soon I found myself eating up numerouse fan made material. Eventually I found a girl who went by the name of Spirit. We bacame friends shortly after, and you can blame her for my joining... err, activating DeviantART. I went around that site and FFN, making friends with NiGHTS fans as often as I could.

****To be continued later, need to get to 87y68hyf78yun135fdswm***