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In Topic: Maximum Attack: G

12 May 2008 - 04:41 PM

Well. Guess I should finish what I was saying... Where was I? Ah yes...

I think when PSO was released all those years ago it exploited a hole in the market, a genre of gaming that was relatively new. Merely in it's infancy on consoles, the world of online gaming. I think they really made it work and the game was a lot of fun with a lot of achievement to be had in finding a new weapon/rare/etc. A huge part of the fun was teaming up with others and making friends. I know a lot of that magic we all remember is purely nostalgia, however, I think when the game was released, it was trying something new and did it well.

This partly the problem with PSU. Since PSO was released, the bar for online gaming has risen exponentially. Very few companies foray into online gaming or MMO's because of the huge risk and costs involved. The only way to make an MMO or online fee paying game these days work, is to have an incredible vision, massive budget and very dedicated team willing to drive the game forward relentlessly. This game simply has none of that. While the core gameply is fun and works well, the whole game is very shallow and uninspiring. This game in my opinion has massive potential but SEGA have deemed it unworthy of more resources. I'm positive there are only 2 developers working on this game one day a week...

I am disappointed. I was with this game from the start and decided to leave with the many frustrations in it's first incarnation (meseta, grinds, mission deaths, drop rates) The problem is that the game hasn't moved forward in any way. The occasional new mission here and there, new weapons etc... what they have neglected is the actual gameplay and content aspects. There are many things they can do with this game but it will never happen. It simply doesn't have the depth to grab people for long periods of time. There seems little achievement. As I said, back in the day this would have been solid, but now? No. Games have evolved and this game is stuck in the past.

Coming back I have noticed improvements in the gamplay to be fair... but worthy enough of a full blown expansion? sadly not... I'm still wondering really what new content I got for my money. A handful of new missions and weapons doesn't really warrant the price.

Anyway, I do love this game but it frustrates me as it's heading in no particular direction. This game doesn't even focus on perfecting one single aspect of it's gameplay, Everything is just adaquate. There's nothing about this game that particularly stands out in an already overcrowded genre... Anyway.. That's it for now.. More later hehe.

In Topic: Maximum Attack: G

11 May 2008 - 09:02 PM

I have to say this because it's been itching on my mind since i saw it on DeZ's computer yesterday but that 'Program DF' is sh!t. Utter sh!t. Not gonna sugar coat it and go "ooh, look at that. how neat!". It's the biggest let down i've seen from Sega in a while. What was stupid was they actually made you WORK to get this thing....and it's not even Dark Falz. They had dressed this event up so much to make it seem like they were giving you little homages to PSO..... and everybody had worked their asses off to get that 100 Million milestone prize and we were ALL expecting Dark Falz. Instead we are insulted by a cheap shitty recolour of De Rol Le.

So the end of the boss stage 'looks' sliiightly like the final area of the original PSO Falz fight. Ooooooh. WOW! Holy sh!t! We went three weeks playing this game and getting those kills just so the final area of a crappy boss fight with a recoloured De Rol Le looks like an area that we fought the original Dark Falz in. That, to me, is more of an insult. They should have given us the original Dark f*!*ing Falz. It wouldn't have killed them to program a boss fight with Dark Falz in it.

Personaly, i feel really let down by this. Some of you will probably try and see the good side to this and probably enjoy it for what it is but this, to me, is the biggest way Sega could have possibly shat on the heads of those fans who wanted old skool PSO action on their PSU games...and to be given a recolour of De Rol Le as the 100 Mil milestone is bollox. Pure bollox. Sega really REALLY have become one lazy company. They should be ashamed of themselves for this.
Which ever sodding fat cat had been sitting in his high and mighty chair and gave the thumbs up to a recolour of a boss we've already got on PSU should be sacked and shot downstairs in the lobby.

Well... I have to say I agree with me bro' here. I didn't really have all that high expectations based of current Sega form but... damn was I disappointed. There is nothing memorable about this boss at all. To call it Dark Falz is a joke and a slap in the face along with that damn treasure box...

In general this event has been a huge disappointment. I love PSO and PSU has incredibly fun gameplay, but I can't help but feel cheated at the lack of content. Almost everything we get has been available for ages on the disc in the offline portion of the game. We all pay a fee and for that fee I actually expect new content. Not stuff that is already on the disc that we paid for... What really are we paying for?

Anyway. I'll add a bit more to this post in a bit.

In Topic: Maximum Attack: G

11 April 2008 - 01:51 AM

This is gonna be something special that's for sure :D Dear god I miss the old PSO areas.

Almost tempted to take day off work... but they would prob hunt me down and kick the door in :( Let's hope that doesn't happen and I'm off anyway :)

You'll make 50 easy bro. Like lvl 48 already. catching me too lol.

It's not if we're ready for MAG... it's is MAG ready for us? ;) Bring on the pain!

In Topic: PSU (AotI) Anyone?

23 March 2008 - 10:13 PM

Yes mate. Btw... Chips ain't burnt and you know it ^_^

In Topic: PSU (AotI) Anyone?

23 March 2008 - 09:58 PM

Yo ^_^ Thought I would chime in and make an effort to be on this site more... Sorry guys ^_^ lol.

Aye, kinda sucks can't get online... get some lovely days off and can't jump on... Slightly annoyed to say the least. Anyway, just a quick message. Gettin moaned at by Trip and the D-Man about burning chips... I GOT IT UNDER CONTROL, KK?