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Member Since 26 Apr 2007
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Hey You Guys!

22 November 2007 - 09:12 PM

Heya all :(

Thought I would finally pop in and say hi.

My name's DeZ or some people like to call me Brutus. I'm 57 and I live in Edinburgh. I'm a City of Edinburgh Council Environmental Engineer and enjoy my job greatly. Been doing this line of work for about 20 years now and still loving it :)

In my spare time I like to jam on the Harmonica and Kazoo. Love the sound they produce :) Also I like to play sports such as Shinty and Darts.

I've been a fan of NiGHTS for a while now. Since the pre-release in the game back in '96? The game I find rather refreshing and entertaining. A change of pace from the usual console variety. Been hearing things about the sequel on the Wii and it kinda renewed my interest. Only other games I had any real interest in were Blam Machinehead and Battle Arena Toshinden ("Diddly Ray!" :D) so it's nice to rekindle my love for one of the true great games that has brought me joy in my later life :)

Stay safe kids :)