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The Mantle uses the exact same drum beat as This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan

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I heard This Is How We Do It on the radio just now for the first time in years, and noticed that the drum sample sounded incredibly similar. It only took me a few seconds to place it, and yes, it's the exact same sample used for the track The Mantle in NiGHTS into Dreams. The only difference is that the version in NiGHTS is sped up, and has a slightly higher pitch. Here's a comparison:


The Mantle: 


This Is How We Do It: 


It's super interesting to me that we're still finding out new things, and the samples used are especially interesting to me. I remember learning that there was a bit of audio in Gate of your Dream that was sampled directly from the first Home Alone film, and that completely blew my mind. Have you noticed any other musical similarities?

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I should point out that the drum rhythm is the same, but they're not sampling the same drumbeat. "The Mantle" sampled Joe Tex's "Papa Was Too" for its drums, while Montell's drums and overall base for the song came from Slick Rick's "Childeren's Story". They sound similar, but they're not the same sample at all.


And since we're on the subject of samples, NiGHTS, in comparison to Sonic and a lot of other games of the time, used very little sampling. However, there's two songs from Journey of Dreams that do use samples: the "Lavender" and "Sandal Wood" mixes of "Ai-Di-La" and the "Laybrinth Guide" mix of "Crystal Choir" uses the drumbreak from The Honeydrippers' "Impeach the President", a classic funk break used in many hip hop tracks, but is instead used here to give the songs a bit of a trip-hop/downtempo vibe.


And if we wanna talk sampling in-game songs (barring the recurring use of "Dreams Dreams" in several tracks), "NiGHTS & Reala" uses elements from the normal mix of "Take the Snow Train".


Yes, I'm a music nerd, but it comes with being a musician. Sue me. :P

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