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In Topic: I never actually introduced myself...

03 August 2008 - 03:11 AM

Bahahaa... my teacher liked one of the posters so much that she laminated that one and is going to use it for future events ^^ NiGHTS owes me BiG TiME. X3

In Topic: FiNDiNG NiGHTS

03 August 2008 - 03:02 AM

That happened to me kinda last NiGHT, I was drawing, but all my drawings turned out bad, and it had been that way for a couple weeks, so I broke down crying saying please help me NiGHTS, after that I tried drawing one more time, and it didn't turn out bad. It was a picture of NiGHTS waving.
Later that NiGHT I was walking into my room and I sat down on my chair. A few moments later I was crouched over on the ground because my legs felt weak, I was dizzy, and my stomach felt terrible. I was laying on the floor for over two hours thinking to myself, "NiGHTS, help me. If I wake up in the morning and I'm okay, I know you helped me." I told myself not to force him to do that. After that I crawled into my bed and fell asleep, and in my dream I caught glimpses of him. When I woke up this morning, I felt fine. I was able to take my karate lesson, and go all-day shopping at the mall carrying over 6 large bags most of the time. I splurged. ^^ I bought so much stuff I needed my cousin to help me with some of the bags. ^^; When I got home I smiled and said thanks to NiGHTS.

In Topic: What NiGHTS characters would NEVER SAY!

01 July 2008 - 04:32 AM


NiGHTS: Reala... how are you so frikken bufftastic?
Reala: Cuz I'm cool like that.
NiGHTS: No really, why?
Reala: Come with me.
*takes NiGHTS to the gym*
NiGHTS: *attempts to lift some weights and falls to the ground* I gotz noodlez for arms.
Reala: *lifts 100-pound weight* Ladies love bufftastic guys.
NiGHTS: *emo tear*
Reala: *to random group of girls* Hey ladies... I just got my library card... and I'm checkin' you OUT!
Random girl: Eeew! PERVERT! *hits with purse*
Another random girl: Awww! Look at his brother!
Girl #3: He's so cute!
Girl #4: Awww!
*all the girls hug NiGHTS*
Random Girl: I love the sensitive types!
Another random girl: Me too!
NiGHTS: *grins at Reala* Glad we came!
Jackle: *dressed as gladiator* THiS. iS. SPARTAAA!!!
NiGHTS: Omg your wearing clothes!
Jackle: YUS!
Reala: *Bowling* *Picks up Pian and throws it at the pins* This is fun!
Jackle: *dressed as gladiator* Nuu... THiS iS SPARTAAA!!!
Reala: Let the spartaaa thing go, please. I prefer you without clothes.
Jackle: Oh? *grins devilishly*

In Topic: Help for a My Dreamer?

01 July 2008 - 03:47 AM

I still have one shleep. Making mepians is hard DX

In Topic: I never actually introduced myself...

01 July 2008 - 03:44 AM

Nice lolz.
NiGHTS is life. NiGHTS is everything. Everything I do is NiGHTS-related.
At school I painted posters and put them up all over our school gym. The writing was like the NiGHTS logo. Bwahaha... bringing NiGHTS closer and closer to everyone else little by little...