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Member Since 25 Apr 2007
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In Topic: More NiGHTS games

05 May 2007 - 11:50 PM

Let's hope not PSP, X-Box, or PS3. Because Sonic Team would basically be destroying the whole "Don't remake it with just better graphics" thing. I would kill them if they turned NiGHTS into Sonic.

Reala the Nightmaren
NiGHTS Riders (sounds fun, but they would murder it in cold blood)
NiGHTS Golf (ye gods, this is in production)
NiGHTS Battle
NiGHTS Rivals
NiGHTS Adventure
NiGHTS Advance
NiGHTS Adventure 2
NiGHTS Advance 2 & 3
NiGHTS Adventure: DX: Director's Cut
NiGHTS Adventure 2: Battle
NiGHTS Shuffle (That sounds REALLY fun...)
NiGHTS Drift
NiGHTS and Reala (in the place of Sonic and Knuckles)
NiGHTS Drift 2
NiGHTS the Nightmaren 07'

haha, that would be awful.

I'm hoping they would released the original NiGHTS via virtual console or xbox live arcade. I wouldn't mind seeing NiGHTS on a portable. The Nintendo DS really suits NiGHTS.

I highly doubt that we would see NiGHTS sequel appear on the PSP, PS3, or xbox 360.

In Topic: Your gender

04 May 2007 - 02:35 AM

Just from random observing, I noticed alot more pinks in the member list than blues lol. But just from being part of the community for a few years I noticed that there may be more females then males. You know its because we all want Reala, XD

Most of my guy friends believe this game to be very fruity. However, I got one buddy willing to try the game.

Actually, this game is the most addicting game I've ever played. The mood, the atmosphere, the music, and the COLORS really does for me as well. :P

I'm new to the forums by the way. Nice to be here.