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PSO2 - Closed Beta

28 April 2012 - 04:57 PM

I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread discussing the PSO2 closed beta here! D8
So I thought I'd start one, with some thoughts of how the game is progressing so far!

I won't do a big massive list of this, that, and the next thing, as there are other sites out there who've already done this. But I will say this; the game is amazing. So very amazing. So much so, that I didn't even care about the early server problems and the bazillions of disconnects that resulted from it. Of course, this is a beta and stressing the servers is what we were there for; so mission accomplished, hahaha. XD

It has taken some cues from PSU, but they're not BAD cues. Photon Arts and Just Attack are the main ones I've noticed, both of which add some fun into the mix. The PSO style of calm/battle-changing BGM has been my favourite thing to return, and it even has several nods to original PSO music hidden in some variations. I couldn't help smiling when I heard little parts of the original Forest battle BGM whilst running around bopping Dagans with my Force. *laughs* The music changes go beyond just battle and calm, though. It'll change if you're low on health and such, much like the music of Skies of Arcadia.

The item drop behaviour from the DS title PS0 is in, where everyone sees their own items. No more random dude X sneaking in and stealing your red items!

Random events in the middle of your runs happen. Sometimes they're elimination events, where you kill loads of enemies, sometimes protection or collect events. And sometimes, they involve level bosses crashing your party just because they can. I've had the misfortune of running into Dark Ragne several times in the middle of the Forest, now. It always ends with one of us hurting ( usually me ). XD

I have to say that I love this feature. You're just toddling along in the Forest, ho hum, and suddenly a big angry thing attacks out of nowhere, with its legion of minions; or maybe the supply ship will crash down and you have to protect it whilst they do repairs... or the ship will crash AND a big angry thing attacks out of nowhere with its minions. Multiple events can happen! Sometimes even two bosses will attack you, and you run around going AAAAAAH! D8

Randomly, the English word filter is in, in all of it's hilarious glory. XD

The only negative thing I have to say right now, is some of the ways the Arcs Cash is set up. Now before I go on, I will say I have nothing against Sega making money, it's their servers and they have to pay for them! Just some of the AC features made me really think to those Facebook games, where half the options sit with a little money symbol next to them. XD

Arcs Cash things include( and these are off the top of my head, may be more things besides ):
Scratch cards
My Room ( cumulative, like rent. You will need to keep paying every month-3months, however you set things up )
Scape Dolls
Most Boutique functions
Extra item storage space
Extra characters - you can have one free character. Anything beyond that will cost you Arcs Cash. Here is where my biggest 'uhhh' comes from. If you delete your free character, you'll have to pay Arcs Cash to get a new character slot. I'm not certain if this is intended behaviour or not right now, though. But be aware of this!


Oh, god, I've gone and done a list, anyway, haven't I? Right. No more blathering. Have some screencaps( under links, because image spam otherwise ). XD


I have lots more screenies on my Tumblr ( avenrir.tumblr.com ) if you must see more images. I just don't want to spam links and such. Also be aware that I don't play the game on its highest graphics settings! My PC cries itself into quite a state if I try. XD

But anyway, is there anyone else here who's also on the beta? How have your experiences been? And is anyone else looking forward to this game's full release? Discuss! :D