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In Topic: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

13 January 2008 - 02:39 AM

If you want the full article, The Sonic Stadium has a zip of Jpg's of the full pages. It's pretty interesting, and I'm glad to finally be getting info on this thing! I never gave up on my little blue buddy! Anyway, here's the link to TSS

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Revealed

The zip is at the bottom, under the last screen shot.

EDIT: They took the zip down. I still have it though : D

In Topic: Music and dreams

05 January 2008 - 06:15 AM

What about the music in your dreams being entirely original? My dreams do that occasionally, and sometimes it's really catchy too. Makes me wish I could write it down before it fades away.

The latest one had really funny lyrics, "Porno Hill" being the name of the song I'm pretty sure.....but it had nothing to do with it aside from those words in that part of the chorus >_> I don't even care for porn. In fact, there were cars driving around, in time to the song, slamming into trees that were growing in the middle of the pathway, which wasn't a road but was a path in a park, and they were generally running around like a badly driven R.C. car....

But this isn't about my stupid dreams! Well....technically it is, but whatever.

When I listen to music while going to sleep, I generally don't remember any dreams. I honestly don't think I fall deep enough asleep to have one, I'm just uber relaxed listening to music. I generally wake up within an hour or so and turn it off. Now, if music gets played while I was already asleep, it becomes integrated into the dream. Whether the "story" becomes affected or it just becomes background noise, seems entirely random.

Whenever it does affect the "story" though, the "story" is generally completely unrelated, and it's just the mood that's changed.

In Topic: The Ending

03 January 2008 - 04:55 AM

That confused me too. I suppose he just buzzed off trying to hold back his tears. I'll bet he was really confused with his sudden non-existence after Wizeman was defeated.

Reala: *after drying off his tears, begins to disintegrate* Do I suck that bad?!

As for the actual ending itself, I'm positive people here have it right and it's entirely symbolic. The lights turning out is really the only other thing that's a tad confusing about it. Not sure if that was symbolic of Wizeman and his creations' return, or what. It could have just been to scare Helen so Will could make a snazzy entrance and get the girl. The parents sure did run off awful quickly.

Helen's mom didn't even react to her daughter getting scared. Will's dad (and friends)...well I guess just kept walking. That's love right there, leaving your son alone in a city at night.


03 January 2008 - 04:50 AM

Naw, you'd be tied with me! I do have #1 on that, and Lost Park with the same score! Take that ya crazy Japs and your funny English!

Good going, BTW!

In Topic: Rankings

31 December 2007 - 08:43 PM

Woo! First post is one where I brag! How's that for a first impression?

Anywho, I've got #1 on the Pure Valley Link Mission, with 999 links. : D Not that it was particularly difficult on that stage.
It was funny too, when I hit it the level just cut off and graded me. I still had three more "tries" left too! The counter only goes up to 999 but it was really more like 1002, but again, the level cut off. XD

EDIT: WOO, got it on Lost Park too! *fireworks and confetti*