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Member Since 24 Mar 2009
Offline Last Active May 15 2009 01:20 AM

I just got Christmas NiGHTS!

12 May 2009 - 01:39 AM

Sorry for not being so active, but a few days ago, I recieved Christmas NiGHTS in the mail! And i cant put it down! I almost have all the presents. I didnt get Sonic yet :P . Anyway, its JP, but gameshark can solve that, but I have to put in a US game then swich the disk. Not swap trick style, the US disk boots up gameshark, than I can take it out and put in Christmas Nights, WHEN ITS NOT SPINNING! Anyway, I really wanted to share that. Oh well, THanks for reading!


Why does Reala say "There is no NiGHTS!" ?

02 April 2009 - 10:25 PM

When you fight Reala, he says "There is no NiGHTS!", im wondering, why? Thanks in advance.

Hello fellow NiGHTStopians!

27 March 2009 - 08:21 PM

Hi! Im FRiZO (gee...what letter ISNT capitilized? =P) and im a MAJOR NiGHTS fan, ive been lurking here a while and just got activated! YAY! anyways, i have a sega saturn, and a NiGHTS Sampler disk...i dont have the full game yet ;_;
well, enough sobbing, ive beaten Elliots stage + Boss (Puffy) and i have beaten Claris's stage, i havent beaten her boss yet...i think hes Gilwing, not sure though. Ive got an idea how to do it, but i get hit to much and i get the same screen..."Night over".
Anyways, thats all! Hope to see you soon guys! :P