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Regular Dreaming...?

21 June 2010 - 05:34 AM

*shocks everyone because the rarely-seen, rarely-known lurker posted a TOPIC*

This is probably a bit of an odd question - frell, I think something like this has already been posted but I'm just too lazy to look back through the thread history (because it's already past 10 for me here) - but really, how often do you remember waking up and at least remembering and knowing for a fact that, yes, you've had a dream? Even if you can't remember what the dream was necessarily about, do you remember that you dreamed about something?

I'm actually a bit curious because my lack of dreams (no, seriously) helped me realize that I wasn't getting enough good sleep. A friend of the family told me a few months ago that REM sleep is actually the only restorative sleep that you can get. I couldn't enter REM sleep, therefore I couldn't dream, therefore I was tired and drained as all hell in the morning. Ever since I started taking a certain medication to help calm my mind down, I've been dreaming a lot more lately, and I actually wasn't wanting to fall asleep in class.

Anyone else have similar incidents? Or am I just a total weirdo that unfortunately requires chemical support to actually have a dream?

Edit: ARGH, FRELL! *notes her perception roll made yet another critical failure/botch* Someone help me move this to the poll area? Please? :blink: