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Elleri1's Artwork

18 October 2011 - 04:30 AM

I have finally gotten my tablet and since then I've been working on some pieces whenever I could get the time. The first piece I finished are my own oc's and I have for a long time wanted to get their color scheme down. I have a story that these two appear in but it's still a work in progress that I won't put online until I'm completely sure it's to my liking. The characters themselves are still being worked on in terms of both background stories and looks, though the personalities are pretty solid. I will ask for some critique on their looks in whether it would fit with the NiGHTs' universe yet still stand out on their own as original characters. On topic of the eyes and skin color, I won't be changing them. I intend for the eyes to be different in colors than the norm of blue eyes and that goes for the style too. The skin colors will definitely stay and if not only change slightly.


In case the image does not appear, I will fix it, or try to. In any case, someone please tell me how to get an image of a picture up here. Alright I'm good.

The one on the left is Alivolence, and I had the most trouble deciding what her outfit would be. It also frustrated me how I couldn't imagine her in any color but that dark indigo blue and try not to make it too similar to NiGHTs' color. Her best aspects in my opinion are her high heel like feet, skin color, eyes, and her horned hat thing. I got inspiration for different designs from other characters I saw but I think she came out pretty different from anything I've seen.

Her personality for starters is playful to a dangerous extent, and yet she's most likely only teasing you. She's kind of touchy too and doesn't really respect private space, if only to get funny reactions out of others. Her sense of humor is erratic along with her moods. Most of the time she's cheery and can even get angry while still having a cheery edge to her voice. It's better to not pay to much mind to the content of what she is saying as she quickly moves on to the next thing, not really caring about what she just said. Aside from the outward eccentricities, she does have a stable mind (most of the time) and can express regular feelings and emotions like everyone else. She's pretty insecure when letting out her real concerns and feelings, basically bottling them all up inside until they become loose.

Alivolence has a profession in the dream world that resides in a area deep in nightmare. It's in a place that is secluded so she can keep to herself while not being bothered by any nightmares, if any dared to. She's a keeper of dreams, and that means she has the job of watching over all the dreams/aspirations in everyone's hearts and collects them in different bottles. If you have the dream to get yourself a brand new house, she'll put that into a small perfume sized bottle. If it's to find your true love, she'll put in in a much bigger fancier bottle. The bigger and more important the dream, the better bottle she gives it and in style of according to what it is. Unfortunately, a lot of the those dreams fizzle out and disappear and she has to open the bottle and let it out. It always depresses her when she sees a dream being given up, or destroyed. She can even tell how the dream goes away from the color of it or how it goes. In a way, she's a scientist of dreams, and knows how to brew her own potions to tell you about someone's dreams. She doesn't know the explicit details of one's dreams unless she does that. The most happy moments of her job is when she sees a bottle shining, signaling that someone had achieved their dream, and she showcases it in a different room of completed dreams. It's a tiring job and she does all of that while putting on a ribbon on each one for a special touch. Unfortunately, her bottle inside the dream resident's dream room remains unfulfilled.

The nightmaren on the right I still haven't thought up and appropriate name for. He's a stark contrast to Alivolence since he's pretty calm and composed most of the time. Quiet and thoughtful, he finds the perfect place for him in the Nightopian library working as what else but the librarian. He keeps record of the history of the dream world and all the different dreams that go along in it. A great mind of knowledge he is that Owl can sure get along with. I would say that NiGHTs would rather turn to him instead of Owl, finding him more interesting and enjoyable to listen to. NiGHTs finds it easy to tease and talk with him, probably finding his quiet attitude refreshing and at the same time fun to pick at. He gets a little annoyed at NiGHTs sometimes if bugged too much but otherwise doesn't mind NiGHT's company. As much as he can talk about various subjects, he has never once said anything about himself or his past. He was basically found by NiGHTs one day on the fields and has remained soft spoken since then. The scale markings on the left side of his body also get a lot of questions, those not being common in the slightest. He only responds curtly that its always been there. In those moments are the rare times one can see the narrowing of his eyes showing nothing but unbridled hatred.

Chaos and order, who is which I wonder?

Hello everyone

06 July 2011 - 04:57 PM

Hey, I'm Elleri1 and I think I'm best known by the moderators as the person who tried to register a lot and may have been unintentionally responsible for the massive spam registering. I'm am really, really, really sorry for all the trouble to the moderators, I was just getting really frustrated when I first registered and came back to log in it said there wasn't anyone with my name. I know now that I had to wait to be approved by e-mail but at the time I wasn't sure and wasn't getting any clues as to how I would know I was accepted. Once again I'm sorry for the confusion and I'm grateful that I can get to be apart of such an amazing community.

Now that I hopefully straightened that out I know that I first came into contact with NiGHTs when playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and I saw the picture of the character on the billboards in one stage and I thought it looked cool and wondered who it was. The same character appeared in Sonic DX in the pinball game and I was way past confused on who this was. Once NiGHTs into dreams came whether or not I recalled the character from the previous games I knew I wanted to try it out. Truth be told I didn't get into the fandom right away after I finished the game till I looked up the fan work on deviantart and I got sucked in. Before I knew it I looked up all sorts of information to know more about the NiGHTs history and then came across this website. I'm planning to do some fanart once I get my tablet but I have been supporting NiGHTs since then. I also wish to get a copy of the NiGHTs Lucid Dreaming cd even though I already downloaded the music but I can't find where to order it and I have a feeling they'll be all gone anyways. I gotta say that the contribution to NiGHTs, the work, the things you guys have accomplished is what really inspired me to join and I hope to be apart of that dedication even if it's a small part. Here's to such an awesome community and to NiGHTs of course! :D