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T.K. The Hedgehog

T.K. The Hedgehog

Member Since 02 May 2007
Offline Last Active Oct 13 2012 05:16 PM


27 May 2012 - 03:39 PM

Hello again.

My name is T.K. The Hedgehog

I'm the administrator of http://SonicRevolution.org

I was once an active member on here, but due to moving, finances, and circumstances beyond control, I lost connection with NiD.com. I've since then, re-built my sonic site up from scratch, it's much more successful than before. Our team does sega/sonic let's plays and playthroughs. We occasionally interview people during the LP's and discuss the game entirely. I've finally decided on making a NiGHTS let's play...but unfortunatley, there is no one for me to interview. It would probably be alot to ask, but it would mean a great deal to me if I could interview TRiPPY or DiGi for our show. Believe it or not, I feel a deep, personal connection with them. I can relate alot to TRiPPY (with her moving around, and never knowing if she'd even have a roof over her head), ive been in a lot of similar situations over the years...and once again NiGHTS was there to help make the transition alot smoother. I've followed DiGi back on myspace as well as other musician sites, just to see what new tracks he'd come out with next.

I also support the Lucid Dreaming project...one of OC remixes most AMAZING soundtracks ever. I remember when my brother showed it to me...I squeeled like a fan girl. I'm proud to say that Sonic Revolution is following in NiD's footsteps by creating our first ever OCRemix album. It's going to be a remix of Sonic 3D Blast music (both Saturn and Gensis versions) We hope to have it done this summer, but we're very limited on rescources. (but we have money! :D)

anyway, I feel like i've found an old friend, when I logged in with my ORIGINAL password. I can't believe I remembered it after nearly 5 years! :D I look forward to being apart of the community like I once was.

P.S. I am very fluent in IPB and other scripting. I can have my art team make you guys a browser icon instead of the default IPB one. Also, the skin name says "Imported" on it, theres a way to remove that, and even give it a custom title thats NiGHTS-based if you want. Just a couple of things i've noticed.

I appreciate the warm welcome that I know, i'm going to receive. I return the favor with saying thanks, and I can't wait to see what new friendships develop.