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In Topic: Theories and Mysteries of JoD

09 March 2010 - 03:46 AM

Actually, it would go deeper then that. Clowns are unusual.... but the fact is, so are the entirety of circuses. We go to see the bizarre. But when the bizarre comes to see us, we get uncomfortable.

Here's a theory: the phrase Frog Blast The Vent Core will be used in the next NiGHTS game.

Hey, what if dualization was used as a method of nightmaren reproduction? Think about it; first and seconds are infertile, but thirds are found in drove. Dualization can be used to avoid the messy business of sex (something Wizeman would learn about from wet dreams) and saves a lot in the cost of production at the price of power!

Maybe I should go to bed now. I'm starting to make sense.

In Topic: Wizeman's Origins

07 March 2010 - 08:57 PM

In the begining, there were the Archetypes, and forsooth, amongst them was the Wizeman.

Owl, for instance, is the archetype mentor. He probably has the same amount of power as Wizeman, but he can't use it in the same way. He can only use it to mentor people. Wizeman can use his power to destroy all light, because he is Lord of the Dark. He can create shadows, that is Nightmaren, because they are a diluted form of Darkness. And in the candlelight, Darkness is darker, thus his obsession with Ideya.

Darkness in the hears of men in the hearts in the hearts in the souls....

In Topic: Theories and Mysteries of JoD

07 March 2010 - 04:28 AM

So you're saying that NiGHTS, Reala, and Jackle are all retrodualized from the original source? If we assume, as is logical, that retrodualization evenly splits power, and that apparently Reala and NiGHTS are evenly matched, then Jackle is logically twice as powerful as NGHTS or Reala.

In Topic: Theories and Mysteries of JoD

06 March 2010 - 06:46 PM

Actually, I don't think Nightmaren are Archetypes. They're creatures made by an archetype--specifically, ol wize dude--but not archetypes themselves. Nightopians, on the other hand, could be made by some other archetype.... and Mepians are fun when they cross. WHOO! Mepian equality, yall!

Here's a thought: Game one, every time NiGHTS fights a boss, he has five Ideya under his belt. Right? They just spun around collecting them, and all.... but in JoD, he has less then that in all his fights. Even the secret ending fight. No really. It makes perfect sense that he's less powerful, because he's running with less batteries.

Or she. Forgot the or she in there.

Okay, and now for my theory regarding first levels. Wizeguy made five (although only three appear in game), and each was to steal a certain type of Ideya. First off, Jackle. Target Purity. When you really think about it, Jackles perversely insane and insanely perverse, so he's perfect for throwing out whites. Problem, though, is that his insanity makes him unpridictable, and his sheer power is a bit of a bother. Wizeman lets him live because, hey, even if he's not getting whites, he's getting darks.

While Jackle opens a fast food chain, Wize starts on the second. A heck of a lot more obedient, and not nearly as powerful. Target: Hope. And we get Reala, who's cunning, conniving, and absolutely at a loss without orders. Picture it: Every time he brings home an Ideya, he stands there, looking sheepish, until he finally asks "What next?" Every. Single. Time. Finally he just gets standing orders, and Wizman turns his hands to the next level one....

Now here's where it gets vague. For my theory to work, there have to be two other unnamed, unseen Nightmaren that the programmers can introduce in the sequel. Did NiGHTS come immediately after Reala, or was he a few steps down the line? Jackle knows, but he ain't telling me.... whatev.

Anyways, these guys have some of Jackle's independence but aren't going to defy Wizedude because, well, he's big eyehand man. Now, this next part sounds patently ridiculous, but remember that old comic where they said the jewel on NiGHTS is a red Ideya shard? Sit down, I'll justify it! In game two, Owl mentions that jewel mountain spouts, guess what, "shards of the Ideya." Therefore, there ARE shards, and they can be handled by Nightmaren. Is it really that big a leap for this purple guy, goaded by someone who's probably Jackle, to take a dare and lodge it in his chest?

This actually ties into my theory that Jackle's planning to take control of Nightmare, but that's another story.

ANYway, now NiGHTS gets a taste of courage. He starts to realize, hey, he doesn't have to follow Wizeman at all! Wizeman, who's making all the lesser nightmaren now because he realized that level ones have expensive upkeep, suddenly gets interupted by this purple jester punk who rants on about this stupid idea of free will---and comes down hard on the guy.

In Topic: Theories and Mysteries of JoD

05 March 2010 - 08:01 PM

Question: What is the darkness that Wizeguy speaks of? I would assume it's a lack of ideya, because Ideya apparently produce light. Here's a fact: When Helen gets scared in Bellbridge, the Ideya of Courage leaves her. This implies that something similar happens for other Ideya; feel hopless, there goes yellow, feel impure, whoops, white's out. If you do that with all of the Ideya for a visitor, then hey, you've got an impure, cowardly, hopeless, unintelligent, stunted dude, and don't that sound dark now? So by stealing Ideya, Wizeman's not only destroying nightopia, but ADDING TO HIS OWN POWER.

And now for something completely different.

Owl, Wizeman, Cerebus, and Octopaw. What do they have in common? They're all brothers. Or rather, they're all archetype type thingymajig type things. Owl is clearly a mentor figure, all knowledge and no action. Wizeman is the big bad evil guy that all stories have. Big, bad, and evil. Cerebus.... well, he's a representation of a different kind of evil, maybe blind rage or endless hunger. And Octopaw? The unknown. Curiosity. Exploration.