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Member Since 25 Apr 2007
Offline Last Active Nov 18 2007 08:00 PM

Introduction, awkward much?

25 April 2007 - 06:58 AM

Hey all, nice to be a part of a forum again.

Though I've chosen to go by somnium here, I generally go by unlocked2886, my longest-running handle during the many iterations of AnsemReport.com. Also a part of the e-fed UCTF, where I've kept up my character Bryan Amethyst since the early 2000's.

I'm well-versed in writing (though I've done considerable work within several fandoms), general sketching and doodling, and less so with coloring. At 21, I nevertheless receive insistences that I am in fact 35. Friends affectionately call me "Dad," thanks to aI'm on the east coast of the US, a native Maryland resident.

Been a fan of NiGHTS ever since its release, and I've still got my copies. Never got the 3d controller, but I've got Christmas NiGHTS, the six-issue Archie series (never mind the varying quality, I still like it, especially Reala in the last three), and even that Tiger handheld with the insufferable music.

Years ago I made a number of Nightmaren characters with my of-the-time best friend, which always made for a good time. With this new handle, I plan on designing a Maren-ish character to go along with, but have yet to pull out the tablet again.

Anyway, I've loved NiGHTS for as long as I've known the character (going so far as to buy Sonic Riders to get him). I came across the site a while ago, and in learning of Journey of Dreams searched for more info and ended up back here. I'm looking forward to becoming a personality here, and getting to know everyone. Real pleasure, see you all soon.