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In Topic: Marvel Theme Park

20 March 2010 - 01:39 PM

I'm skeptical. Disney owns Marvel, so putting a Nicekodeon area in makes no sense. However, they still have a contract with Universal. Why then, would Universal build an entire theme park knowing that Disney can swoop in any moment?

There's been talk of some strawberry fields slightly northwest of Disneyland where a third park could be put, and a fifth park has been debated in Florida. My best guess, though, is that these are old.

These pieces of concept art are old. However, due to Disney, I have a feeling that the Nicktoons area won't be in the the park. This is just a guess, by the way. Anyway, that idea about a fifth park would be very cool. I would love to go to Marvel's theme park if it was in Florida. Heck, I actually THOUGHT that it was in Florida until I found out that Dubai was a country.

EDIT: Universal does have a section in one of their parks with a Marvel theme. It's in Islands of Adventure, and the second (or final if you go to Seuss' Landing) section of the park that you can visit. It's famous for its Spider-Man ride. Speaking of which, do I detect a Spider-Man Tower of Terror ride?

In Topic: The First DLC

19 March 2010 - 03:00 AM

S0L made a Tweet possibly hinting at Metal Sonic.. http://twitter.com/S0LSUM0

Just noticed that tweet he made back on my birfday about us, good times lol

Pardon me, but which twitter thing was it that hinted at MS? They all just seem to look more like short diary entries to me.

Anyway, that bit with the unlock everything thing is stupid. I guarantee you I would NEVER buy anything like that. I'd unlock everything honorably.

In Topic: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

05 March 2010 - 10:01 PM

not just the power, the concept aswell. but you've gotta let your mom sleep, and be a real sneakman around the house, so that means no talking to any dealers that seem really funky, just jump right over him and fly like a butterfly!


ROFL That was awesome.

Anyway, I was just thinking, and the E.G.G.M.A.N. has this master plan, and in his final fortress, metal is scratchin'. It's what I need, it's what he needs, and it's what u need. NOW CRANK THE HEAT UP!!!

In Topic: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

25 February 2010 - 08:53 PM

Yeh, i know. Got my hopes up too that did, Jof :P

On the plus side though, since DLC has been officially spoken about, NiGHTS is getting his face in peoples suggestions for DLC. Here's an AWESOME list from SegaNerds - DLC WishList

If SEGA take note of these kinds of lists then hopefully we'll get NiGHTS dlc. Every time i see one of these lists come up NiGHTS is always at the top.

I was actually going to talk to you about that, DV (if you have the time anytime soon, then we can do so). Anyway, I played both the DS game and the 360 version, and I love both of them. I love both of them TO DEATH!! I can promise you this, doubters! If you buy this game, you won't be disappointed!

In Topic: We didn't forget NiGHTS!

03 February 2010 - 01:18 AM

Right then – first off… We didn’t forget NiGHTS!

Just since you’ve all been trying to make him out from that blurry capture from Youtube, I figured we better put a nicer shot out! Consider this an exclusive :)

Posted Image

We’ve given NiGHTS a very important role. He starts all the races, and also finishes them too! He also resides over Time Trial, whenever you set a new lap record, you’ll have NiGHTS flying along with you celebrating!

I have to admit the main reason he’s in was after we saw your heartfelt pleas, especially those of DiGi and TRiPPY, we had to make sure NiGHTS was in and played an important role. After all, we really didn’t want them to burn all their collection now. So whilst he’s not playable, he very much made it in, and as a result of the huge amount of support for the character that you all showed.

Does this mean that NiGHTS may not be in future DLC? Well who can say. That’s a question I can’t answer right now – it all depends on how well the game does :)

Anyway – cats out of the bag, so I figured we best make it official!

Now, I can look forward to yet more ‘Don’t forget Flagman!’ posts I’m sure :D


SOL, you magnificent awesome person!! NiGHTS is in the hizouss!! WOOT WOOT!!!! Oh yeah! By the way, two questions: If NiGHTS becomes a downloadable character, will others from his series be downloadable as well? And if that's the case, then can you have Jackle yell something totally random whenever he wins a race?