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In Topic: RR/DC07 Available now!

10 April 2008 - 01:26 PM

Well there you go Mr and Mrs "First couple of Nightopia" - I've technically listened to an episode of DreamCast!
Now you'll have to listen in to T-Time! Heh.

A very fun show though - AAUK and DiGi can harmonize pretty well!
I expect a full version of "Visitor by TRiPPY and DiGi ft. AAUK to appear very soon!


In Topic: Sonic City- A Race to a Name Poll!

14 March 2008 - 01:50 PM

Again guys, thanks for your votes! There are only 3 hours left in the poll, as it shuts at 5:00pm GMT today!
Give your Granny a ring if she's got the net and get her to vote! Phone your brother and ask his girlfriend to vote! Every last vote is going to count, as it looks like it's going to be one close call!

My gratitude for all of your support!


In Topic: Sonic City- A Race to a Name Poll!

13 March 2008 - 12:50 PM

Thanks for all the votes guys, it is really, really appreciated!

The polls end officially at 5:00pm GMT tomorrow afternoon, so literally, bug people on MSN, bug family and friends to all get down there and vote Gravitus! I would be over the moon if I got this.

Thanks guys and girls!


In Topic: I am the T-Bird!

13 March 2008 - 01:58 AM

Ah, T-Bird. I watched your documentary on 'How Many People Know Sonic' and it was very informative. I must say, it has somewhat inspired me to grab a camcorder and run through the mean streetz of Edinburgh (shyeah, real scary place like) and ask people if they know who NiGHTS is. What kinda responses you reckon i'll get? XD

Anyways, great stuff. Glad to see you around the forums and making those 'connections' with us controversial NiGHTS fans that live on the other side of the Sega fence. :)

...also..you wanna tell a member of staff in the forums that my account as been awaiting validation for a few days now. My wifey has been given access to your boards where as i have not. I feel left out. T_T

Mate, grab your camcorder and DO IT! Edinburgh is not scary at all, it's just extremely cold! I have only ever woke up shivering once and that was in Edinburgh! It was a great laugh doing that film, and it would be interesting to see a NiGHTS comparison.

I'll get someone straight on with validating your account too - it's probably just sitting waiting because of the refurb going on there!

Thanks for all your welcomes!


In Topic: Yeyyyyyyyyyy

12 March 2008 - 02:45 PM

One tips his hat in the vague direction of Scotland!

I still get to keep my silver medal and a trophy saying "The best out of the Sonic lot", so I'm chuffed as I can be!
Looks like I'm going to have to form a band next year in order to compete?
T-Bird and the Birdettes?
T and the Birds?
My Chemical Birdness?

Okay...perhaps not then. Congrats anyway you two; I look forward at having a stab at next years title though! I'll get you next time *sails off into distance in exploding Egg-o-matic*.