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I'm back

22 February 2009 - 01:27 AM

I've been gone forever, but that's not the topic.

In March I'll be going to a local con called MoMocon in Atlanta, Georgia. At this con, I'll be debuting a "creative reimagination" of NiGHTS to fit the available resources I have. It's basically Gejinka on/off crack. I'll post the basic idea here and get pictures when I've got the costume together.

I'll have a jester hat.
Face makeup including stars, crazy eyeliner and some purple lipstick.
I'll have a pink jacket or vest depending on what I can do with the jacket. It's got some beadwork on it, so...
White blouse-shirt thingy with the wristcuffs done somehow.
Chest gem is a crazy Christmas ornament on a chain or something.
Pink shorts or skirt.
Purple leggings.
Yellow ribbons up my legs.
Pink shoes.

Does it sound like a good plan?