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In Topic: Saturn Controllers

19 July 2011 - 01:44 PM

3D controller.

If I had to play a friend in 2-player, then I would use the standard model 1 to try and give my opponents an advantage, but I still crushed them. ;)

Back in 2004 though, I bought an extra 3D controller off of Ebay, so now I no longer have to make that "sacrifice."

In Topic: 15 years ago...

16 July 2011 - 06:51 PM

I was 15, and it was the summer prior to starting my sophomore year in high school. I remember buying the NiGHTS bundle with the 3D controller at Walmart, knowing that the game was going to be special after following magazine coverage several months prior.

NiGHTS hit me at the perfect time in my life. I lacked confidence, didn't know where I fit in the world, and escaped into gaming to pass the time while "waiting for adulthood." The theme resonated so well with me then and I became obsessed with it for most of the remaining year. The music was just incredible, the graphics at the time were stunning, and the dream world was a place I wish I could visit. I made sure all my friends played it, and most of them fell in love with it as well.

The only thing I regret was never learning about the A-Life system. I saw the Nightopians flying around, and heard them scream if I paralooped them, but never knew there was anything to them. Though recently I have tried to manage them, I haven't gotten any results other than more eggs and pians. So far it doesn't seem like I can scientifically manage them like in JoD.

In Topic: Your Highest WORLD Rankings

16 July 2011 - 06:22 PM

I played the Link Challenge on Aqua Garden today, got 999 links on the very last try, updated my ranking and...

I'm ranked at 1. :blink:

I'm not sure if having 500+ and 400+ counts prior to the 999 is what shot me up above the rest.